Sunday, November 26, 2006


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Today was the first true confrontation the Shawn Graham Liberal Government ever had with the public since they took power.

I might add it involved two Ministers of the Shawn Graham Government.

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Yes, it was a heavy one!!!

Last night, I was asked if I would be interested in attending a Christmas Party organized by Paul Zed. < I might add that he almost ran me over when he race in the parking lot >

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Once there, I decided to take a walk up the road. I noticed the Friends of Rockwood Park on the side of the street.

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I might add there was a lot of horn blowing in support.

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I would like to also add that people are still congratulating me from the result of my trial.

The word spread around very quickly and it wasn’t even in the Irving papers? Ok...never mind that!!!

While chatting with a reporter from CFBC. I heard this loud shouting match between Roly MacIntyre and Stuart Jamieson.( 2 Liberal Ministers)

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Duty was calling and I quickly went for my camera.

I never said a word ( for once ) and began clicking away!

I was surprised these two Liberal Ministers would even face the protesters?

But? I must give credit where credit is due because the Ministers of the former Bernard Lord Government wouldn’t have shown their faces.

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The point these Ministers were trying to make was - As Ministers of the Shawn Graham Government, They are not allowed to get involved in the hearings of the Gas Pipeline.

The Friends of Rockwood Park didn’t wish to hear this.

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Abel LeBlanc spoke out loud and clear against the pipeline so therefore the same action should be followed by Roly and Stuart.


Sorry...I guess it doesn’t work that way?

But one thing is certain!!!

They got the message loud and clear.

If any decision concerning the pipeline reached the Cabinet table?

Well? It’s going to be a touchy one.

Going back to the friends of Rockwood Park.

They are a very determined group.

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Today, it was cold and windy but they still stood their ground and will fight this pipeline till the end of time.

This is November, can you imagine what this group will do once the warmer weather arrives again in the Spring?

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Anonymous said...

Paul Zed, isn't he an Irving son in law?

Anonymous said...

Ex. he is divorced.

friends of rockwood park.yeah right.what a bunch of dummies.

Anonymous said...

A Friend of Rockwood Park would try to get as much money as possible from these companies and the government - not shouting at them.

Anonymous said...

Hey guess what. It's not the Liberals who sold out to the pipeline. It was Saint John's city council. And if they had provincial support, you have to remember that this was loong in the works before the Liberals took office.

Anonymous said...

That is the most you will ever see stuart talking. Once the house sits he will shut up. You can take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Great Job!!!!Charles Keep up the good work...great photos...keep those politicians in line....The Liberals will certainly break their promises...These Liberals are worst that the gov't for sure!

Fairness for Saint John; Forgive the loan for the Harbour Bridge! said...

You make statements that are not informed.

The people who showed up never can a have a voice and they did the right thing.

Zed does not care, and the rest of them did become rats. They said they would be there for the people and they got voted in and look what happened. Christmas party or not these politicians are not approachable and have not explained anything except "conflict of interest".

That is not good enough. They wanted a position and once they got the vote we heard nothing. Democratic system-- vote me in and I do as my leader says and forget the people or what is best for all people.

Zed has been the biggest rat because Federally he has done nothing. Any money that has to come to saint John will come because the laws will force them to clean up the hrbour.

We will be the only ones in NB paying for a bridge that should be paid by now,the money was used for different things. This loan should be forgiven.. High poverty, low wages and many sruggling and unemployed and some dseperate. They want us to pay 50 cents to cross one bridge of only two. Don't tell me that we are second class to Fredericton, Moncton, Miramichi and many more NB areas that have many new bridges that cost millions and none of these areas pay to cross from one side to the other. This is a necessity. Count all the briges in Fredericton. Something is wrong when we get told that 50 cents is nothing over the last 38 years we have been paying and frankly that is enough. Let all NBers pay like we do for their bridges.
We deserve to be treated equally and nothing less.

Zed, Graham and Mayor should do this for the people. To think we are going to have a pipeline through our city and everything else dumped on us is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Show us we don't matter.

People who use it a few times or more a day were not asked if we think we should be paying. It has been a make work project far too long. We don't need the tolls. We don't the mayor taking money and use it for the Harbour Passage. You make deals with the Billionaires go get some money there.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me if any of the people who protest everying thing in Saint John have a job?

Isn't David Thompson's job as Fundy Bay Keeper to protect the integrity of the Bay? How ironic that he is pushing for a pipeline to go through the bay!

There is nothing wrong with expressing a person's view but to protest everything is absolutley ridiculus. Instead of using all of your energy for negative protest, why don't the protestors put their energy and obvious free time to work for a charity or something positive.