Sunday, November 26, 2006


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As with the case of the Saint John Police Force? The staff of the New Brunswick Legislature never gave me the reasons I was ban from the People's House.

This issue is going to get really dirty. I told a few people the reason I was banned from the Legislature and it goes right to Shawn Graham's office.

I must have a meeting with the Premier on this one.

We have Quebecers running the show and they don't like to be told what to do.

This battle could also end in the courts because I'm ready to get myself arrested on this issue.

I'll write more on this issue when I get back to the Capital!

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Anonymous said...

You don't know when to quit when you are ahead. I can't wait until you try to get back into the Legislature. This time you will get your fool self into jail.

Charles LeBlanc said...

You must be a staff member from the Legislature???

Anonymous said...

I agree that there are too many Quebeckers running the show. If you think it's bad in Fredericton, you should see how bad it is here in the north of the province. Most of the teachers in the schools are from Quebec and guess what? The kids are learning alllll about separatism!!

I don't have heat/lights included in my rent said...

well Charles' good buddy Shawn Graham isn't all he is cracked up to be.
He's not even giving us our power rebates, as was promised. The poor will suffer.

Anonymous said...

Charles, no point in getting arrested. Stick to what you do best-blogging.