Thursday, March 22, 2007


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Yes, I believe it’s time for our infamous Sargeant- At-Arms Dan Bussieres to seek some mental help such as Anger Management.


From what I was told yesterday? It is indeed time.

It all began this week when the Lieutenant Governor Herménégilde Chiasson paid a visit to the New Brunswick Legislature.


Of course Dan Bussieres met with the appointed individual and lead the way to the Chambers so Chris Collins could be sworn in as the new Liberal MLA.

After the ceremony was over, the Lieutenant Governor walked outside to his vehicle with the media following close by.

Once his Royal Highness left, one individual from the media told Dan Bussieres in a joking manner - Hey? I heard once Chiasson terms is up? Charles LeBlanc will be appointed the new Lieutenant Governor???

Well? All hell broke loose.

Dan Bussieres totally lost his cool.


I once saw him loose his temper and that was at the end of my protest. Trust me? It is not a pretty site!

I was told his face turned red with anger.

Dan Bussieres told the individual from the media - I can have you ban from the New Brunswick Legislature for saying that!!!!

The individual quickly told the Sargeant-At- Arms that he couldn’t ban someone from the mainstream media????

Quebecois Dan Bussieres reply in a very stern way - This is my House!!! I can do whatever I want!!!!

The individual was very concern that Dan totally lost his cool for a joke?

I guess my blog is getting to pauvre Dan.

He’s been reading and following me for a long time.

I remember the good old days that I only sent out updates in an email. Dan always wanted to be on my list.

Dan Bussieres is the only guy from the Government who can see my pictures in my blog.

The rest of the Government can’t because my pictures are blocked from their computer.

Dan Bussieres checks my blog around 10 times per day and I believe that I’m starting to get to the Sargeant-At-Arms.

I was told a few months ago and Dan’s daughter was somewhere and told someone that her Daddy was the Sargeant-At-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature!

Someone said - You must know Charles LeBlanc???

Once again the Bussieres temper came out.

She said - I hate that man. He always writes bad things about my Dad.

The Bussieres family must be discussing my blog around the family supper table?

I can hear it now- So Dear, what do you think about today’s blog against you??? . . .

I wish to make myself very clear on one issue.

The battle between me and Dan Bussieres wasn’t always like this.

I got to know Dan inside out during my six months protest and afterwards.

We used to be I would say very good friends.

I would visit his office almost daily and we would be discussing a lot of issues such as religion.

He’s a member of the Wesleyan Church and he even picked me twice to attend his Church.

I met all his family and they’re nice people.

His wife has ADHD. < Looks good on Dan >

She’s very outspoken and a nice person.

I’m not afraid of Dan but I wouldn’t cross path with his

They are very good people but our friendship was destroyed forever once he ordered the contractor to fire me from my job I had landed on my own at the Legislature.

I was surprised that religious Dan Bussieres would do such a thing?

A person who hides behind his religion is a very strange fellow indeed.


He tried to chat with me afterwards but I totally ignored the Quebec Security Staff.

I am a very stubborn individual and once you crossed me? I don’t go back!


Dan Bussieres ordered all Commissionaires from New Brunswick that anyone caught talking to me will be fired right on the spot.


So Quebecois Dan Bussieres believe that the New Brunswick Legislature is his House?

I would love to see this Quebecois ban someone from the mainstream media from the New Brunswick Legislature but with that Quebec attitude?

It wouldn’t surprised me one bite!

It’s has been a game of chess between myself and Dan since I first landed in the Capital in 2003.

I truly believe that he thinks in a court of law a person who used to be an R.C.M.P. officer and the Sargeant At Arms will be held in high regard in front of a judge compared to a guy who’s on Social Assistance.

It’s a game and I believe that he’s losing it!!!


After he reads this blog? Will he ban the media individual from the New Brunswick Legislature? Who truly knows???

I’m surprised that he didn’t grab me when he came face to face with me last month?


Truly stay tuned because I’m starting my petition beside the Legislature next week when it’s warmer!

I’ll blog this issue tonight!!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you have proof of all of the allegations?

Anonymous said...

So Abel Leblanc was no help huh? Remember what they say about fair weather friends.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Why would I blog it?????

Anonymous said...

You met with a politician, you blogged that you were going to. Why wouldn't you blog it?

Anonymous said...

So you have proof that's good, show us that proof.

Charles LeBlanc said...

You just read it!!!!

Just Passing said...

Lets see, pretty much half of your blogs theses days have been related to Mr. Bussieres or the insident involving him. You have spoken to your Priest about him. The mere mention of his name sets you off on rants to no end. You Obviously do your best to track his every move to the point of counting the supposed times he visits your blog and you think your getting under his skin? I think it's more likely the other way around. I am thinking he has worked his way so deep under your skin I am surprised you haven't started looking like him.
And the funny thing is he didn't have to do anything, you did it all to yourself.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Just passing? I admire you for one thing.

You used a usernmame with your comment.


Anonymous said...

Charles, I think you're in love in Dan Bussieres ;) You can't seem to get him out of your mind ;)

Charles LeBlanc said...

Hey? I'm just blogging a story that was told to me.

In love? I don't think so but it's very difficult not to think of this Quebecois when I see the Dome of the Legislature.

I wish the Leg was a small building unseen by many....

Anonymous said...


You need help. Try some ritalin. I heard you cary a picture of Dan in your wallet and kiss it every night before bed.

Is this true?

notme said...

gee i guess there is a lot of stupid comments from stupid people on here