Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gypsy-Blog is a pretty good blogger!!!!

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It doesn’t happen too often in this blog but I’ll give credit where it’s due.

Bloggers come and go in New Brunswick.

Someone starts a blog and welcomes the whole world to come for a visit to read what they have to say?

There’s only one itty bitty problem?

Nobody knows about their blog.

I remember a couple of years ago. I was pretty excited that I had an average of 100 visitors per day.

After my arrest in Saint John the average rose to 500 visitors per day.

These days because of the summer months. It went down to an average of 350 visitors.

Not bad for a guy who wasn’t pick as a blogger by the Irvings eh???

Sorry I just have to add that one.

My favorite bureaucrat made the Irving’s blog and I’m proud for her.


You can visit her blog by clicking below -


The other known blogger in this Province is Spinks. He took a break for the summer months but he always manage to come back.


Click below -


It’s very difficult to run a blog such as Spinks because he doesn’t take any pictures so therefore he must write a story to blog.

If I don’t feel like writing? I just blog pictures with a headline.

Some visitors are very happy with my pictures because they don’t have to read my bad grammar!!!

I write like I talk and think. BACKWARDS!!!

There’s lots of that that that!!!!!

People start a blog and ask me to promote their blog and I usually wait a couple of months.

I don’t support bloggers who swear in their blogs.

Gypsy -Blog came to light a few months ago and he oftens blogs some good issues.


Such as this one -



Yes, Gypsy-Blog is a pretty good blogger and he sometimes < just like yours truly > can come out looking pretty nasty.

Yes, blogger are still around in New Brunswick and I believe this is a good thing.

You can visit Gypsy-Blog by clicking below -




Anonymous said...

I don't think it has as much to do with it being summer as it does about what you have done to your blog. Hardly any comments in days and that is the only reason I even check in is to read the comments. Good bad nasty least there was something

CJ said...

You have insulted enough people that they don't care about your blog anymore, that is the reason why your blog has dropped in popularity, not because of the summer.

Anonymous 3:07am, there has been not comments in days because of three reasons.
1. Charles has insulted enough people.
2. He writes about non-sence.
3. He will not post the comments, he did it to me this morning.

Oh he will say that there was bad language in it but it's ok to post pictures of people giving the finger.

Anonymous said...

cj what would you do at work if you never had charles site to complaign too.

Anonymous said...

What CJ is saying is absolutley right. Do not encourage the kook to insult more people.

Gypsyblog said...

Damn- er- darn right!

You're the man, Chuck!