Thursday, August 23, 2007

Too bad that maudit Quebecois Dan Bussieres ruined the Dome of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

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It was very beautiful when it was a white Dome but what do you expect when Quebecers are running the People's House in New Brunswick.

Can you imagine one New Brunswicker working a L'Assemblee Nationale du Quebec?

There would be a revolution!!!!

We are so passive!!!!


Anonymous said...

Give it up, give it up, give it up. You know exactly who is in charge of the maintenance of the building and it's not the security staff, and you know that they are restoring the copper to it's original color.

Must have been another slow day in Charles Land since you are still beating this dead horse of an issue.

Anonymous said...

Why you lie so much. Majority of commissionairs are New Brunswickers and so is rest of the staff at the legislature.

Your lying and harassing people is not helping anyone.