Saturday, October 27, 2007


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A casino in Saint John? I wonder if this would make Tim Smith happy?

Bernard Lord once said- You will never see a Casino in New Brunswick!!!

But of course with Saint John attracting all these new paying jobs?

The Government needs to get their money somehow?

Casino is the way I guess?

Is this a good thing???


NB taxpayer said...

Nobody's forcing Tim Smith to gamble. It's up to him to make the choice of whether or not to engage in that activity. Just like it is up to him to make the decision to enter into a gambling addiction program if he has a problem.

Either way, it's a choice. And for the record, I have many friends and family members who suffered from a serious addiction of some kind. Instead of whining that they were the victim, each and everyone of them faced up to their realities and sought help. If they didn't, they would probably be dead.

Sorry to be so blunt, but I believe that many people are predisposed to addictions wherein others can carry along in moderation whether it be drinking, marijuanna or gambling. Remember, it's a choice and nobody's forcing a person to do it. Which is why taking it away won't help. People will always find a way to get a fix whether it's legal or not.

Anonymous said...

Good to see such support for legalizing drugs. After all, just like gambling, nobody forces you to smoke pot or take drugs so there is no reason it can't be as available as gambling is.

From what I remember, Tim Smith wasn't a gambler, and the protest was about closing gambling establishments on sundays. Since barely half of voters think gambling should be allowed at all, I'm thinking that not everybody agrees with the above.