Saturday, October 27, 2007

Is there a virus in this blog???

A few people told me when they visit this site? There's a virus in this blog. < beside me! >...:P

Could it be possible for a virus to be in a blog?

Do you have the same problem?

Do you have problems opening this blog?

Please let me know.



Anonymous said...

Yes there is a problem. The frame freezes. It has to be closed and openes after numerous attempts.

Anonymous said...

So thats it?
I thought it was because I get sick every time I look at men? with gowns on!

Ian said...

I can't open it from my very old work computer. It crashes it. I think it's a problem with some of the scripting (the slideshow in particular.)

I think it'd work better if you shrunk some of the pictures, or limited the number of pictures (you could even more easily just set you Blogger settings to include fewer posts on the main page.) There's an awful lot loading per visit.

Anonymous said...

Fact is,133 mhz computers are anteak.By bout 10 years.The top nb Blogger can not cater to old fashioned stuff,nor wait around for dialup toys.If you don't like the pictures ,turn em off.

Tools,internet options,advanced,and uncheck,"show pictures".
There are many computers on Kijiji for sale with at least 1000 mhz and 512 memory,and video card of 125mb.

violentmonkey said...

I have the same problem described in the first post. It's hard to open.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey 4:51 turkey I have 2.5 gig operating memory. There is a problem with this blog. I do not have the same problem anywhere else on the net.

Anonymous said...

And you not ashamed to admit it?
Charles the technichin writes about you.
Not many computers have that much operating memory.Not even yourshahaha

Anonymous said...

Anyhow if you having trouble wit this blog, wit 2.5 gig memory,it probably the kiddy porn police ,following you around the net.hahaha,jus joking.

Anonymous said...

Here are some more people who are sick in the head with their annoying comments.

You can't talk seriously without their sick comments.