Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fredericton Train Station- Will the Irvings watch over this building on Halloween???

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Take them to court! said...

You must be kidding. A match is all it needs to set it on fire. Legally the Irvings should of taken it down years ago. Charge them before someone gets killed!

You and I would of been charged and sent the bill for demolition!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was declared a Historical building?Can they tear down a historical building?
Maybe that was the whole problem.
Maybe it was declared such and made Irving angry.Maybe if Irving fixed the building up ,they wouldn't even actually freely control it?Quelle a,je sais?

Anonymous said...

Historical is the word. It has been known that it is unfixable for a long time. Stop making up excuses.

Please some one please condemn the building and have the Irving people tear it down on their dime not ours.

Are we waiting for someone to get injured or lose their life when a curious person or a minor checks the building out.

Stop waisting our time.

Anonymous said...

The building can't be tore down.without permission.
Let things sink in.

Anonymous said...

Permission from who? If the laws are there why not follow them.

Rich have excuses, politician pretend they don't exists. Average citizens would not get away with this and something would have been done.

Anonymous said...

Woodside said the city cannot legally touch it because it falls under the federal Railway Act.

"We can't even enforce our own unsightly premises bylaw, which is unfortunate as well, because I certainly would have pursued any avenue to have this dealt with once and for all," he said.

Built in 1923 by the Canadian Pacific Railway to replace an older station, it was once a hub of transportation, commerce and community.

The station was sold to J.D. Irving after the end of freight service in 1990. Until 1962 it was a station on the Atlantic passenger train connecting Halifax and Montreal.

In 1991, it was designated as a heritage site by Parks Canada's Historic Sites and Monuments Board.