Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Collecting a few bottles to survive in Fredericton.....

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Liberals long range plan to be re-elected looking good as studies show the drunker you are the more inclined you are to vote for people who sound like yourself.And in 2025 gohhdbnllf jhgdjirem
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OTTAWA - New Brunswickers guzzled 51,152,000 litres of suds last year, 549,000 litres more than the year prior, Statistics Canada reported yesterday.

They also downed 5,705,000 litres of wine, up from 5,448,000 in 2005. Spirits cooled off slightly from 2005, with New Brunswickers enjoying 4,419,000 litres, down from 4,426,000 litres.

But New Brunswickers are buying up, spending more on alcohol than in years prior.

Beer still tops the list of highest selling beverage, bringing in $214,292,000, up $7,305,000 from 2005.

Wine sales were on the rise, with New Brunswickers purchasing $57,446,000 worth of their favourite bottles -- $3,536,000 more than last year.

Spirit sales also increased, up from $93,336,000 in 2005 to $96,257,000 last year