Monday, November 19, 2007

Bruce McCormack Downtown from Fredericton Inc is not amuse by the young vendals Jerks!!!

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I heard there was a window broken in the downtown area over the weekend. I didn't know where the store was located?

It was located in an alley way.

Wrong place for a store with picture windows because all the bars are in that area.

Once there, I noticed this guy with dark sunglasses guy looking at me from a fancy truck.

It was pretty scary!!!

It was Bruce McCormack from Downtown Fredericton Inc.

He wasn't amused by these cowards acts but what can you do?


After a few shots? Look who showed up?


Stephen MacGillivray from the Irving's Paper, He's a nice guy compare to this individual -


I decided to take a few picture behind the scenes. The picture should be in the Irving paper in the morning.


I wonder when the day will arrive that all the stores in the downtown area will have steel doors?


Do you know why we don't have steel doors in the stores like the States?


We don't have a hockey team!!!!


Anonymous said...

Was it cold that morning or was this Bruce guy just walking around with his collar up to look cool?

Either way, bad luck for the shop owner.

Doesn't look like a deliberate act, though - not smashed in enough. I'd guess some idiot slipped or got pushed into the thing.

P.S. - Charles, that last sentence made absolutely no sense - because we don't have a hockey team, we don't need metal over the doors?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone an explanation why once the Irving guy shows up,new brunswicks favorite Blogger is relegated to the other side of the ally?