Monday, November 19, 2007

What's this???

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Anonymous said...

Lamp post, camera, mood orb?

If it's a camera, I trust they're now willing to let citizen groups bug and monitor their offices.

(I'm speaking of our corporate-run governments, who promote and spread essentially the same violence and aggression abroad that they pretend to abhor at home).

When our police kill people with tasers because they can't speak English, instigate violence at peaceful protests and consistently lie in their testimony (i.e. in Charles' case) to obtain convictions or to save face, we would be fools to trust them with our privacy or even in effectively employing this new technology.

Why are our police being sent around on seat-belt / traffic / speeding duty when they've not policed the city to the point where we don't need cameras everywhere?

If they'd rather abscond from their primary duties, let's just replace the whole lot of them with cameras, and let a jury sort everything out.

Charles is doing a great job of citizen-run media justice - keep it up, buddy.

Anonymous said...

It's the mind-control orb on the side of the Irving Oil building in Saint John. You don't think Irving would spend money to put a golden ball on the side of the building for only for decoration, do you?

Anonymous said...

Again,today,i watch that police murdering video.I cannot believe it,and even some people who are taking up for the police.What a pathetic cruel area of the earth.
Yes,thanks Charles,who has experienced somewhat this,for being one of few people who fight against this brutal abusive justice.The rcmp, aw forget it