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Judge reserves decision on murderer's civil suit request
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CBC News
A New Brunswick judge on Wednesday reserved a decision on whether to hear the civil suit of a convicted murderer against the man who prosecuted his case 32 years ago.

Erin Michael Walsh was convicted of the murder of Melvin "Chi Chi" Peters in 1975.

In July, Walsh filed a civil suit against William McCarroll, now a senior judge in Saint John, who was Crown prosecutor in the case. The suit also names all the chiefs of police in Saint John between 1975 and the present, the RCMP, the province and the Attorney General of Canada.

Walsh, who has a long criminal record, was travelling from Toronto when he arrived in Saint John in August 1975. He ended up drinking with a group that included the victim at a beach in the south end of the city. When later leaving the area, a struggle took place in a car, a shotgun went off and Peters was killed.

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Blane said...

That's the judge that let you off right? Maybe you're trial should be redone with another judge.