Thursday, December 20, 2007


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Lately we have been hearing of many youths dying behind the wheel of a car.

This could be from racing or drinking.

Really? This is really nothing new because I know many people who died in Memramcook in my younger days.


But there is one big difference?

The age of getting killed or the cause of accidents seem to be at a younger age.

What really pissed me off is listening to the politicians saying we need to spend more money of education!!!!

That’s pure BS!!!

These days it cost a fortune to obtain a driver’s license. You need to go through a course and other systems.

Now? I got one question?

We all know there’s absolutely no discipline in the homes.

Today’s kids know the number 911 before the words Dada or Mama!


The Justice System made certain that discipline will not be tolerate in today’s household.

Which could be a good thing.

But is it?

The school system is the same!


You can't touch a child in today’s world. < HERE IN NEW BRUNSWICK WE DRUGGED THEM!!!! >

I often wondered why someone would become a teacher these days?

No discipline in the household and the Schools?

So are you going to have respect towards our law officers?

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Of course not!!!

So? No respect toward parents, teachers or the law?

How the heck do you expect our youths to have discipline behind the wheel of a vehicle?

Totally impossible!!!

The Justice System better give the word Discipline a stronger version because we are going to see many more deaths on our roads because of our youths!!!!

P.S. I said it before and I will say it again!!! Thank God I got no kids!!!!

The human race is like an animal who needs to be told what is wrong and what is right!

No discipline? You have animals running lose on the streets.


It’s as simple as Bonjour!!!!


Anonymous said...

And next edition,liberal lover C Leblanc will explain why young people should respect all the ignorant dummies they will meet in the world of Delbert.

"Negative selection, in politics, is a process that occurs in rigid hierarchies, most notably dictatorships.

The person on the top of the hierarchy, wishing to remain in power forever, chooses his associates with the prime criterion of incompetence - they must not be competent enough to remove him from power. The associates do the same with those below them in the hierarchy, and the hierarchy is progressively filled with more and more incompetent people.

If the dictator sees that he is threatened nonetheless, he will remove those that threaten him from their positions - "purge" the hierarchy. Emptied positions in the hierarchy are normally filled with people from below - those who were less competent than their previous masters. So, over the course of time, the hierarchy becomes less and less effective. As this happens relatively often, once the dictator dies, or is removed by some external influence, what remains is a grossly ineffective hierarchy."

Like,we now have seatbelts,and airbags by law,so now the auto makers don't worry whether the doors fly open,hench 16 young people killed in nb.probably a record.,WHY?

Anonymous said...

so if you buy and drink maxwell house coffee you can hit your kids with your hairbrush...

Anonymous said...

Not sure about discipline in the home causing a traffic accident - but I will tell you that not ALL homes lack discipline. I used to be a teacher and left the profession after less than 10 years - why? Because of the lack of support from parents. I totally support the school in my child's education. I know the challenges teachers face and if I get a call about my child being disrespectful or disruptive, it is dealt with at home. I don't have to hit with a hairbrush to make my point. Discipling can have many forms - removal of privlidges, additional chores, making an apology etc. They seem to be working so far - have you ever banned a teenager from the phone and the computer in the same week - it's far more painful than a slap on the butt - I know.

Anonymous said...

12.40 knowest what they speakest.
Er sorry I been reading them religion things.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous : 10:20 AM We cant paddle thier behinds but Theres always Mind Blowing Drugs(ritalin,etc) Cops can Tazer them to Death or Prison Guards can Slowly Suck the Life right out of them and have 0 accountability!
So what is Worse? Theyll always be stupid parents that cant control themselves and go too far,same goes for government institutions!
When is it Abuse or a Correction and who do you want doing it and in what method?