Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hero or Villian????

Charles Leblanc 186
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one for me two for you one said...

You a shipbuilder,Mr. Leblanc?

MPs howl as sub deal cast into doubt
East Coast company makes play for work awarded to B.C.
Cindy E. Harnett and Rob Shaw, Times Colonist
Published: Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Reports that the federal government might cancel a billion-dollar submarine maintenance contract in Victoria has prompted outrage from local politicians, who say Ottawa is pandering to the East Coast and its high-powered lobbyists.

Irving was not keen Wednesday to publicly discuss the possibility of the sub maintenance work going back out to tender.

"Halifax Shipyard and Irving Shipbuilding have not received any official notification regarding change of status to the submarine contract from the government," company spokeswoman Mary Keith said. "And so until such time as there is a new update, we wouldn’t have any comment."

Irving had hired Fred Doucet, a high-powered Ottawa lobbyist linked to the Airbus scandal, to lobby on its behalf. Mr. Doucet, who terminated his lobbying work for Irving last Thursday, also refused comment.

Anonymous said...

A side note from today's Nebraska shootings:

Becoming 'an hero' is now internet slang for going on a gun rampage and killing oneself(1).

P.S. If your children start saying "lulz" out loud - lock up the guns...

Anonymous said...

"Irving had hired Fred Doucet, a high-powered Ottawa lobbyist linked to the Airbus scandal"

Nice work, guys. Way to make us all look corrupt. The Irvings had better remember that they have more than just corrupt politicians to answer to.

If we could just get our kids off the cable, xbox and ritalin, there`d be hell to pay in lost sales of greed-tainted gasoline and imported Chinese knockoffs.

Notice there`s nobody willing to jump in here and speak positively about the Irvings. Not even enough to say their competitors are just as bad - (not sure if that`s true - we lost all competitors in Fredericton some time ago, I think).

Well, there`s the CO-OP - but you`re practically a communist if you pay extra for gas if you don`t need to, right?

Maybe if the kids weren`t in chemically induced playstation / myspace comas, they`d see they don`t have to accept debt-slavery as their birthright.

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows that Fred Doucet has worked for the Irvings to lobby for them. That is very scarey and I think that they should have to go public about it.
I think that none of our NB politicians have the guts to stand up to the greed of the Irvings and allow more competition so that they lose their strangle hold on the province

Anonymous said...

I think that the Irvings need to lose their tight grip on everything in the province, even their former employees say that their sole ownership of the media is firghtening