Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Brunswick Liberal Party - Charles attended filthy rats Christmas Party!!!

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It was an open house but compare to last year?

I didn't feel welcome and I could feel the tension in the air.

I didn't even bother giving the Premier a Merry Christmas.

I just went in his office and took a few shots for the blog and got the hell out of there!!!!

I noticed the individual who made the complaint for me to be ban from the Legislature was in the office.

I was going to confront the individual but decided to leave well enough alone.

Thank God I didn't do anything stupid because I notice the Fredericton Police Force were called.

Yes, I believe my little relationship with the liberals will soon come to a complete end.

I really don't care anymore but I am in a very good fighting mood.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...


I was never in doubt.
One can only look at the NB twit leader for so long.He is bought.
NFLD is the only eastern province,with a real leader.
NB is dead.

Anonymous said...

See,we are great little fellows,but when we start to believe it,and start acting like we have a say in the establishment,then thats the end of the Irving type handshake.

com sa:


Santa gets the heave ho, ho, ho
Published: Thursday, December 06, 2007
CANBERRA -- A Santa in an Australian department store said yesterday he has been fired for saying "ho, ho, ho" and singing Christmas songs to children.

Employment company Westaff, which supplies stores with red-robed, white-bearded Father Christmases, had earlier told its Santas to say "ha, ha, ha" because the word "ho," which is American slang for whore, could offend women, media reported.

In the latest incident, the Cairns Post said John Oakes, 70, was fired Monday for saying "ho, ho, ho" and for singing Jingle Bells.

In all me life i never understood what was wrong with a whore,many off my best friends were ho's,or tried to be.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Right!! If someone does not give you all the attention and agree with you and let you say whatever you want, then you call them names. Not long ago the Liberals could do no wrong - today they are filthy rats. Charles - have you ever thought that people are getting tired of your egotism and childishness??

Anonymous said...

You're stuck in the middle there, aren't you buddy? Time to chose sides and they both suck... All of them cutting down trees and dumping muck into the river.

Fish can't even swim upstream and the dam is about to burst. When that water comes down, we're going to wish we'd put the yogic flyers in power.

Happy shopping for lead toys.

Just Passing said...

I doubt the tension was more in your head than the air Charles. I am even willing to bet you actually think the Fredericton Police were there because you were there. Now were you not suppose to tell the world something this week? Maybe show up at a certain building down town with a bullhorn and get yourself arrested? Or wait let me guess...stay tuned...?

Anonymous said...

FILTHY RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow,I'd say

Anonymous said...

It was open house but compare to last year? - That has to be some of the worst English grammar I have ever seen. Hope Santa brings you a book on writing in the English language. If you want to be a journalist - learn how to write. Journalists spend a lot of time learning their trade - don't insult them.

Charles LeBlanc said...

You should have been in this blog two years ago!!!




Anonymous said...

I started taking the journalism program at STU. Didn't stick with it. Seemed kinda mickey mouse to me

Journalist might come out with a BS...excuse me BA for their trade, but at the rate they keep pumping out half wits who know how to spell, they are running out of journalist who have anything worthy to say.

Don't be self righteous over something so trivial.

Just Passing said...

I have to agree with anonymous 12:36 there is no need to condemn anyone about their spelling or their grammor in here. Mistakes do happen and even if by chance it is more than that as long as it makes sense you need not complain. Besides, as of late Charles has given us more than enough reasons to challenge his...assumptions, fussing about his English language skills seems so trival in comparison.

Anonymous said...

"Journalists spend a lot of time learning their trade - don't insult them."

Yeah they certainly spend years training up to feed the news to us. If journalism is so deserving of respect, the reports in NB sure make make a disgrace of it when they sign on to work for the only game in town.

Your local puppet masters - the Irvings.

Sort of like the doctors who keep pumping out those Ritalin refills.

Just Passing said...

Still anonymous 10:48 you should be happy with that. After all all you have to do is believe the complete opposite of what all these evil Irving reporters say and you should have all the "facts" you need.