Thursday, December 06, 2007

Verdict to come down soon!!!!

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I still say that cops shouldn't investigate cops!!!

The Justice system treated me good so lets see what's going to happen in this case???


CJ said...

The other day you said that the justice system treated you bad by telling you that you are not allowed a lawyer, which is a lie, you were not allowed a free lawyer, if you wanted one you had to pay for it or find one that would take your case for free. And now today you say that the justice system treated you great.

Well which on is it? More lies from Charles the allmighty? You make us stories so much that you now are getting mixed up in them.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I wasn't going to post your comment but I guess I didn't explain myself.

The Justice system didn't treat me good at all!

At first the duty counsel told me that Legal Aid will not cover the cost for a so-call free lawyer!!!

During my first couple of appearance in court. I had no lawyer to represent me.

I was all alone and the Judge treated me good.

The Judge was very nice and honest.

The cop lied on the stand and if I didn't have the Iron Horse as a lawyer?

I could have ended up in jail for years just like Ashley Smith.

How many people are in jail as we speak because they broke their probation?

They wouldn't be in jail in the first place if they had access to a lawyer.

P.S. There's no lies in this blog!! JUST FACTS!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cops shouldn't investigate cops? Who else is qualified to investigate a criminal case? Not the same police force, yes, but there is no one else qualified.

Anonymous said...

...No Lies in this blog, just facts..... Come on Charles. You specialize in name calling and insinuation- calling such tactics 'facts' is not quite honest

Why Bee? said...

You can't get years of jail for a minor charge of obstucting justice by crossing a line in a protest. That's the reason legal aid decided not to supply you with a free lawyer. The Legal Aid system only offers a free lawyer to represent you if the charge is serious enough to amount to a jail sentence. You still have the right to free legal aid (advice & information) from the Legal Aid System (wich is a lot more than most countries offer) but not a supplied free lawyer to represent you in court. As for going to jail for breaking your probation, you have nobody else to blame than yourself. All you have to do is obey your probation conditions.

Anonymous said...

So what you really saying,Mr.Leblanc,is that you had the pride and guts to stand up to the trampling of your rights as a citizen (as proven by Harold and the Judge)?
And CJ (court Jester)is a bit upset because he doesn't think he's got what it takes.
Don't feel bad cj,as a lot of us,who couldn't afford the lawyer,are also scared,very scared.
And its going to get worse.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Just look at the Ashley Smith case!!!!

I rest my case!!!

Enough said!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the usual gang of attack dogs is out today. That's pretty bad when the best that can be said is 'thats more than a lot of countries do'. What a fine Canada we have, lets put that on our travel brochures-better than Columbia!

However, it doesn't take a cop to investigate, in fact anybody can do it-it is plain as day. It's all in the transcripts and the video, what John Parks said was the case didn't jive with the video-even the judge said that he didn't trust Parks testimony.

There doesn't need to be an investigation, all there needs to be is a media that will ask John Parks why he lied. We know from witnesses that Charles was called a 'troublemaker' and that the police were looking at charles blog the week before, and were looking at the case the week before when another protestor was arrested.

We also know that for some strange reason the police weren't prepared. There was a protest against Atlantica, yet for some reason there were only two security people at the Atlantica meeting.

We also know that in Quebec the police put two cops in the protest to stir up trouble and they were outed. This is a pattern amongst police all across the country. However, you can go read McCleans from two weeks ago for a fairly biased account of the RCMP, but one that at least talks about the low morality of the 'rank and file'.

You can read that and discover that much of the problems within ALL law enforcement is the senior administration-the ones calling the shots and dictating policy and procedures. Rank and file cops have no say in what they do, and we are seeing the result of that.

So its quite right that Charles keeps the judicial system in focus and this is a case where he is right on, no matter what our other anonymous posters claim. When cabinet ministers have openly said that NB has the worst legal aid system in Canada, then thats something to pay attention to.

Charles LeBlanc said...

The Cabinet Minister was Kelly Liar Lamrock!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The other day you said that the justice system treated you bad by telling you that you are not allowed a lawyer, which is a lie, you were not allowed a free lawyer.

Hey - nobody is denying you an Aston-Martin DBS either, but they don`t force you to have one to drive to saint john. Our legal system is so ridiculous that you need a lawyer to explain to the court why police seizing and deleting evidence AND THEN CHARGING THEIR VICTIM WITH A CRIME.

So, if the judge had been in on it too - Charles would be in jail now. Great that the last piece of the system is still not corrupt, although this is not so evident in their (judges) other actions.

We have gas companies who have poisoned people and the environment running around pulling the strings while the police ramp up their civil crackdown in the name of the war on drugs and terror (both a joke).

Jesus, what is wrong with us & why do we keep letting it happen.

Anonymous said...

It keeps happening because we dont remember Our History and We allow them to keep letting it happen! Good thing for Charles that there were Cameras there or they would have Tossed Him in the Can and all had a Hearty laugh about how they took care of the Loudmouth Whos been a Thorn in the side of Goverment for a while!