Monday, February 18, 2008


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I arrive late in Saint John. I noticed the protest was heading towards me so I laid one knee in the middle of the street and clicked away!!!

I haven't been in Saint John for a while but once people saw the blogger sign on my hat? They knew who I was. Many looked very surprise.

I got lucky that the Saint John Police Force never jump from their cars to assault and arrest me? I was certain they would take my camera and delete all my pictures.

The LIberal Government will announce in the near future that Bloggers can be assaulted. Only Irving's employees will be allowed to take pictures.




Anonymous said...

The local paper never covers stories that would inform citizens of Saint John. We are controlled by the Irving Mafia ; a word I seem to feel I have to use when I see what is happening to us.

Some of us should do more to help this Corporate Monopoly from destroying our City. Ordinary citizens have always paid their share.

We don't have fair news coverage in the paper, radio or TV.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people know how bad the Irvings are. They use our tax dollars to give to our community. Leave our money alone and we can help our selves. GREEEEDY!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the coverage; no news in our Irving Greed Paper. Thank you to the people who walked and showed up! People need to start caring more for all people and see that Corporate Greed has gone too far. Respect is something that citizens of Saint John have lost and may never get back. They walk all over us. Politicians and their Corporate Billionaires.

Anonymous said...

Notice how they get the gas prices to go up six cents and next week down one cent and want us to be thankful. Gas taxes need to com down but our greedy politicians don't care for the struggling people of NB.

They meet with the Billionaires and make their next moves to increase their wealth not for all people; just Corporate Big Shots.