Monday, February 18, 2008


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I don't know yet who I'm going to support during the next Federal Election.

If the New Brunswick LIberal Party announce that members of their own party who goes against their policy wil be beat up or killed?

Well? I can't support a Party who promotes violence.

It's going to be interesting!!!


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Anonymous said...

You will do as your preist tells you,as always,and if you ere,just blame it on the english,again.

Charles LeBlanc said...



If he had his way?

He would calm me down!!!

I don't make a habit in posting comments about my priest in this blog. but I must say something.

This issue has nothing to do with English.

This is an issue where a member of good standing of the Liberal Party is invited to a Christmas Party and some MLA'S ordered three bouncers to do him great harm.

This all have to do with freedom of speech.

But then again? It's the same party who banned me from the Legislature because of a murder in this City.

THings are going to get ugly real fast if the Liberals don't calm me down and deal with those people.

Because one thing is certain???

I will blog these issues right till the next provincial election!!!!

What did Pierre Trudeau say?

Oh yeah....JUST WATCH ME!!!!

Anonymous said...

And there cannot be any such thing as a murder,or it would have been dealt with tout suite.
You cannot go round talking about a murder without swift movement on the part of Authorities.This is one area where you are off base.sorry,you need another reason pour etre

David Innes said...

Charles, I think it would be a wonderful idea for you to support Keith Ashfield. Let everyone know you are backing him 100%. Shout it from the rooftops in fact!

Anonymous said...

Keith Ashfield is a great guy he always knows whats happening in our community and he makes sure he listens to your concerns i think there isnt any other choice. David Innes isn't very personable and Stephane Dion is a weak leader so i hope Keith wins he can do a lot for our riding.

Anonymous said...

dion and chretien show that "anybody" can be called a leader ,in canada.French pacifiers.