Monday, February 18, 2008

Does any reader have a plane????

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Remember the old days when they took pictures of your home and sold it to you in a frame?

I would love to take picture from an plane.

The only flight I did during the last 10 years was in an helicopter ride by then Premier Frank McKenna.

We flew from Saint-Matins to Saint John and it was quite a ride.


Anonymous said...

They still take pictures of your house.
A guy showed up here with a big picture of my house.
He wanted $550 for it.
I told him he was nuts.
Why would I want a picture of my house anyway?

-- maurice the homeless guy --

Anonymous said...

New Brunswick's education minister is setting the groundwork for an overhaul of French second-language education, which could include scrapping the early immersion program or injecting more French training in every classroom.

The Commission on French Second Language Education handed in its report to Education Minister Kelly Lamrock on Monday, who has promised to take it to cabinet.

Within the next two weeks, Patricia Lee and Jim Croll, the review's two commissioners, will make a formal announcement of their findings.

The minister refused to confirm any of the 18 recommendations found in the 89-page report.

But he didn't shy away from warning the future landscape of French education may look completely different than it does now.

Lamrock highlighted trends showing 75 per cent of immersion students drop out, while 99.6 per cent of core French students never hit the government's proficiency requirement to reinforce the need for reform.

"I'm not going to have much patience for people to deny that certain problems exist," he said.

Lamrock said he wants to act swiftly so parents will know soon what options will be available in September.

But he also said if a program is altered, students already enrolled in that program will be able to continue until they finish it.

Walter Lee, president of the Canadian Parents for French in New Brunswick, is an outspoken critic of any proposal that would roll back immersion education.

Years of governments squeezing funding away from French immersion is the culprit for its poor results, not the actual program, Lee said.

"There are problems, but in my mind the problems are really associated with the failure to really engage the pedagogy that was working, engage the programs that were working," Lee said.

New Brunswick's status of being Canada's only officially bilingual province will help guide Lamrock's final decision, as will the need to speed up second language proficiency. There have been earlier targets set to have 70 per cent of students bilingual by 2012, but those time frames have been dismissed by some as unrealistic.

One area the minister singled out is the practice of giving parents the choice of what type of French education their children received.

"Really, we have been treating it as if it was a religious option whether or not you kid becomes bilingual rather than a curriculum outcome," Lamrock said.

In 2005-06, while the language proficiency target was achieved by 0.4 per cent of core French students, it was hit by 93.5 per cent in early immersion and 77.8 per cent in late immersion.

The core French program is available in all schools from Grade 1 to 12, early French immersion starts in Grade 1 and late French immersion begins in Grade 6.

Meanwhile, the new intensive French initiative is aimed at Grade 5 students.

mckennas legacy should have been dropped from that helicopter.
He and those of the same habits (loving money) such as the lee fellow (making money off forced french)have destroyed this province,and will stay that way for a long time.
In Gaspe,french and English get along ,speaking both languages,in a country where english is banned,but getting along just fine.English is spoken everywhere.And no bad feelings.
But here,in mckennas only make believe bilingual subprovince,it is the worst I have ever seen in 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Dumbness, to paraphrase the late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, has been steadily defined downward for several decades, by a combination of heretofore irresistible forces. These include the triumph of video culture over print culture (and by video, I mean every form of digital media, as well as older electronic ones); a disjunction between Americans' rising level of formal education and their shaky grasp of basic geography, science and history; and the fusion of anti-rationalism with anti-intellectualism.

First and foremost among the vectors of the new anti-intellectualism is video. The decline of book, newspaper and magazine reading is by now an old story. The drop-off is most pronounced among the young, but it continues to accelerate and afflict Americans of all ages and education levels.

Reading has declined not only among the poorly educated, according to a report last year by the National Endowment for the Arts. In 1982, 82 percent of college graduates read novels or poems for pleasure; two decades later, only 67 percent did. And more than 40 percent of Americans under 44 did not read a single book -- fiction or nonfiction -- over the course of a year. The proportion of 17-year-olds who read nothing (unless required to do so for school) more than doubled between 1984 and 2004. This time period, of course, encompasses the rise of personal computers, Web surfing and video games.

Washington post.

Anonymous said...

McKenna years not rosy for everyone

It is hard to dislike Frank McKenna and so it is hard to criticize his legacy and it must be even more difficult for Marcelle Mersereau, since she shares responsibility for what occurred under his Liberal government.

The McKenna years saw population decline, tax increases and income stagnation for most residents. The trades instruction program was eliminated from the education system, depriving many students of an opportunity to acquire the skills that would ensure them a good job, even if it was out west. Programs such as income assistance and welfare were hollowed out hurting, many poor individuals.

The power commission was restructured into a group of companies that was supposed to act like a private company but the only result was much higher electricity costs for residential customers and greater secrecy.

Although he was prevented from making the changes to the Crown lands that industry wanted, he still managed to do his best for big business.

Of course not everything was bad; there were some people who became wealthy or got great jobs during the McKenna reign, mostly Liberal friends.

Unfortunately the Lord Conservatives were no more successful when they had their opportunity. It just could be that what occurred was the best possible result under the circumstances.

Our system of patronage fills the boards and commission with political supporters of the government in power. Most of these appointees are capable and hard working but they are emasculated because they owe the political master.



Good thing some people don't get censored like on other useless blogs.
A censored blog always has less than 5 members.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Which blog are you talking about????

Anonymous said...

Are the liberals finally turning their energy to business from bragging bout bilingualism fantasy.

Maine and New Brunswick have been working in recent years to strengthen their obvious but undervalued historical, economic, transportation, natural resource, recreational and cultural ties. On Tuesday, some of those ties were in focus in Bangor and Augusta, as Gov. John Baldacci hosted New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham.

Mr. Graham, 39, is an energetic and rising star on the Canadian political scene, and some of his proposals may offer opportunities for both the province and Maine.

Mr. Graham aims to have New Brunswick be self-sufficient — that is, not reliant on federal funds — by 2026. It’s a lofty a goal, but he has a plan to get there. A key part of that plan is turning the province into an energy hub. The premier is a proponent of building a second nuclear reactor at Point Lepreau, on the Bay of Fundy, where a nuclear power plant has operated since the early 1980s. The plant was scheduled to be mothballed this year, but a feasibility study suggests a new reactor could be built on the site.

A liquefied natural gas terminal has been proposed for the Port of Saint John, and the province has potential for wind and tidal power. Maine’s Legislature is considering three options that would change the state’s relationship with the New England power grid; one is to join with New Brunswick and upgrade transmission capacity to southern New England, potentially putting the state and province in a stronger position to negotiate better electric rates.

Tourism is another area of cooperation. The state and province have a "Two Nation Vacation" package they are promoting, albeit in a limited way. With the Canadian dollar at par with the U.S. dollar, Maine is seeing Canadian shoppers and travelers and expects to see more this summer.

Though Maine and New Brunswick shipping ports essentially compete, there may be ways they can cooperate on transportation matters, particularly through improving east-west highways.

Premier Graham has said that any partnerships with his province must be evaluated first on how well they serve New Brunswick. If they benefit the province, then he is willing to pursue joint ventures with Maine. Maine should take the same approach rather than engage in dual efforts just for the sake of good feelings.

But there are gains to be made. Maine can be seen as the poor cousin in the New England family. But linked with New Brunswick, with its population of 750,000 and similar economic strengths and goals, the two can achieve a critical mass of sorts and work toward being part of a vital and growing region. It’s an effort worth making.

Reader Comments
Submit your comments and photos (photos optional)
Robert of Eastport, ME - 02/14/08
It's amazing how the BDN editorial staff can be so unfamiliar with news reported in its own publication. The liquefied natural gas terminal at Saint John, New Brunswick, isn't proposed, it's being constructed right now, is 67% complete, and will be ready for processing its first cargo around the end of 2008. Progress photographs of the project are available on the Canaport website at .

Anonymous said...

Maurice should get back into blogging,course he took an awful beating trying to defend the pig farmer.

Anonymous said...

spinks who went from sudden open mindedness to censorer in 1 short week,with only I posting.
And of course,the champ of censorers,european educated,I think,campbell,poster of 3 people,who have such a fine way of laughing at him,he has to post them.they sound like important people.haha

Charles LeBlanc said...

I also moderate the comments.

I had no choice. There were getting very nasty.

To be fair with Spinks?

It's very difficult to run a blog especially if you have to write every single day to update the darn thing.

It's not easy!!

Spinks is doing a good job....

Anonymous said...

The longest running,and most viewed blog in canada,"Bourques"has no moderation.
You boys tell me WHY?

Charles LeBlanc said...

Bourques site was in hot water during the last Federal election I guess?

From the story I've heard? He accepted some money from a Party member to condemn another Party.

I forgot which party it was?

I will admit his site have many issues to debate about.

Anonymous said...

Spinks and his censor crew have no trouble updating their blog,
Once a week does it,with so few wasting time their.
The Campbell blog is ok,but he still a searching for highclass censorer,plus he lies.

Am I sensing that somebody getting to you?

Charles LeBlanc said...

Spinks don't have a crew.

The only thing that I censor here is bad language and if someone opens a blog.

They expect me to promote their blog in here? takes months for me to promote a blog.

This is the reason I never joined Blogroll.

The people coming to this blog was for my hard work only and I will admit that I'm beginning to get tired of it.

Just a little......

Anonymous said...

That was and is not true.Just the spin by the other side,which was not censored.
Bourque accepts advertising to help pay expenses,as so should,could you.I think it would take more than a bit of money to buy you,me or bourque SI?Censorers are easily bought.
Bourque doesn't even post on his blog,he has nothing to do with it as the posters themselves will drive you into the ground,if you don't know what you talking about,believe me.
Imagine if books and magazines were still censored.
I ask,who the hell does the censorer think he is?
I know,He is someone who can't defend his point of view.
Course I have read more in one year than most people have in a lifetime.
I'm still not always right,but I know too much to be a censorer.

Charles LeBlanc said...

If it's not true about Bourques site?

I apologize...

Anonymous said...

Well there you go.All the more reason to open your blog to the people,stand back and let the best man win.
It is New Brunswick's biggest problem,no place to express their view without a retaliation.Start a topic ,out in public besides the weather,and nber's cringe and suddenly have to go find the little woman.
How long would hatfield and his kingsclear harem have lasted in these days of internet.How would you learn that the mckenna quebec road builders highway is falling apart, hazzard in upper NB,less than 6 months old.etc

Charles LeBlanc said...

I always told people that.

Hatfield or the stuff that was going on at the Beaverbrook Hotel would have never happen.

It keeps people on their toes.

This blog will always have a moderated style because there's too many MLA'S and bureaucrats reading this site.

By the way? My stats say you're from Moncton?

How did you find this blog anyway?

The moncton Transcript < Irving's paper > never did a story on my blog.

Just curious...

Anonymous said...

Not necesasary to apoligize,new brunswicker,habit forming.
And no censored blog will last for long because no one visits it.
Take the Newspaper blogs,where very few sign up.They have 10 times more who tick the good or bad at the end of the blogger.Reason,newspapers are all censored.
If you don't get the opinion of the little guy,you won't know whats really going on.
Tis why this ruination language crap lasted so long.

By the way,what is swearing?

Anonymous said...

I am who I am.

Ehyeh asher ehyeh

Anonymous said...

Not moncton.I don't even like the place.But
I Ran across some of your commenting 10 years ago,where i first was learning computer in Ladner BC.
I was stunned.You were the first person,i ever heard express what he thought,damn the torpedoes.
New Brunswick was very depressing until you threw open the doors to expression against the bottom feeding dinosaurs.It is so much different here now,but it is still only you, and the French, who do not tolerate the abuse fostered by the white English censurers.
So thanks for that.
Now open up a free rolling blog,such as
and take a vacation,free ,blogging the Polynesian islands,or some such,spreading the beauty of the maritime provinces,before graham ruins it all for money.

Anonymous said...

You will notice advertising on the censored blog spinks, advocating homos adopting.
The Ideas that he and his peaked capped dummie would advocate,without ANY collaborating evidence of any intelligible sense but their own.Which is empty.

Spinks said...

Sorry friend, your comments are not true. Comments get turfed at my blog if there's profanity, personal attacks or way off topic.

The latter has been the problem lately and it is one I and many other bloggers in NB have been dealing with; a proliferation of off-topic comments all linked back to an anti-French sentiment. I've written many blogs outlining my concerns about official bilingualism as it now stands but the comments N.B. blogs are dealing with is a bit out of hand. If someone wants to blog nothing but anti-French sentiment than they are free to do so but should start their own blog. I won't have mine hijacked by someone with an agenda. I welcome tips via e-mail or even in the blog but lately its been beyond tips. This has been cut and paste stories such as above. I have no interest in playing that game.

Anonymous said...

for the dummies

To swear may mean:

* to utter an oath
* to utter profanity

Anonymous said...

-- maurice the homeless guy --

pretty expensive for a picture of a cardboard box

Anonymous said...

I didn't ask what it "may" mean.But what, and who determines.
Considering there is no pat answer,save yourself some googling,anyone can do that.Or just make your own rules like spinks the censorer.
Second grade.
Bloggers better understand that they come in on my computer,I own them also,forget about your "my blog","my doctor","my wife",bullshi

Anonymous said...

You and WHO?
Lets say you and your other poster,who post once a week are in a terrible censoring termoil.Must take you 3 weeks waiting for a bad word or an off topic.Cover your eyes

The title of your post took me in the wrong direction, however, it does leave me an opening for this slight aside / OT:

Two men watched the accident from the windows of a psych ward. On the street before them all was in chaos: There had been a 3-car pile-up, and all hell had broken loose.

One couple, the husband dazed and bleeding, were speaking hysterically in Mandarin. Another driver swore at them in Farsi. The EMT's were unable to get answers from the third injured party, as he was babbling in French and they only spoke Swahili. The Mexican cop was having absolutely NO luck controlling the situation, as none of them spoke Spanish....

The first man turned to the other. "So, what are you in here for?"

"I advocated that new immigrants learn to speak English."

"Get Away from me, you Racist Bastard!"

moncton news said...

what the heck are u guys talking about ... try to make sense if you have the mentality to do it

Charles LeBlanc said...

Hey Moncton News?

Join the gang!!!!


moncton news said...

check this out

Anonymous said...

Now someone wants us to watch some old videos with him.jeez
Next it'll be prayer service

Anonymous said...

why not prayers is good for you