Saturday, February 02, 2008

Could have happen in the Grand Bay area???

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If you think hitting a deer is bad..

Wow! Guess she didn't see this, huh?


The following pictures are of a moose
that went through a car's windshield
and out the rear window this month
near South River, Ontario.

The VERY lucky woman driver ended up
with just a broken wrist and needing
a good bath. When you view the pictures
you will wonder how the woman managed
to survive.



Anonymous said...

Considering it a old hoax,like the albino deers and many mores

Anonymous said...

Stupid Moose! Why cant they stay in the woods where they belong instead of playing in traffic!

Anonymous said...

Those effn moose…3-4 years ago, I hit one in the Fox Creek portage. Had Sue & the kids with me. I saw a shadow or silhouette ahead and wondered 'WHAT THE WHAT?!"… I let go the accelerator and allofasudden "crash" -- first thing I thought was "I heard that crash, I'm still alive!" What a mess...