Thursday, February 14, 2008


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I'm in a hurry so there could be lots of grammar mistakes in this one!!!

I bumped into Rick Brewer and Abel Leblanc around noon.


We began to walk toward the New Brunswick Legislature. We chatted about the Back to work Legislation.

The next thing I knew we were right in front of the Legislature.

I took a picture and walked away.


I stop outside of the Departmental Building and decided to have a smoke.

I was listening to my music but my eyes were open for a good shot with my camera.

Someone shouted to look behind me?

There present was a Commissionaire. It was the same guy who was full of hatred a couple of months before I got banned from the Legislature.

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In a very hatred way he said - Dan Bussieres told me to tell you to leave the area!!

I quickly replied - You tell Dan Bussieres to phone the cops!!!

Sure didn’t take long for this blogger to be surrounded by security and MLA’S.

For a few seconds, I taught to myself- Ohhhh Shit!!! The Quebec Security Staff have tasers????

They might come out and tase moi???

Suddenly this guy showed up.

I quickly shouted - Noooooo Not you Patrick!!! Nooooo....

Patrick is a Police officer I met last summer and a nice guy. He politely asked me to leave the area.


Well.....I wasn’t comfortable because the kid is a nice guy and I was upset that Dan Bussieres would involved him in this mess.

Minutes later, another cop showed up and it was Tim!!!

I’m starting to know these guys by a first name basis. < Not a good thing!!! >

Tim quickly asked me the same order to leave the area.

I wasn’t comfortable having cops telling me that I couldn’t be there.

I was inches from the sidewalk and I wasn’t bothering anyone.

Just this once? I wasn’t bothering anyone!

So? My Scottish gene clicked in action and I said - Ahhhhh nope! I believe in a free democracy!

I don’t know the reason that I banned and I never received any signed papers.

Ok guys!!! Arrest me!!!!

Tim once again played the good cop and asked me to leave the area.

I quickly changed the subject and apologize for labelling him as the ugly in the picture with Dan Bussieres.

Dan BussieresIMG_5656

He was just standing in the wrong place at the wrong time!! had a good chuckle but the issue once again change to Charles LeBlanc to leave the area.

I asked the cops - Why do you guys want to get involved in this mess anyway????

Does your Police Chief know you’re doing this?

I got a good relationship with the Fredericton Police Force < not a rat! > so why blow it because of Dan Bussieres?????

I asked Tim if he would investigate my complaint of the Commissionaire who wanted to do me harm.

He told me to go at the Station to fill the papers out.

I know the time has expired to do anything about this issue. It happened close to two years ago.

I suggested that this might be pure discrimination by the Fredericton Police Force because they never jumped on anyone else so fast.

The clown was almost inside the Legislature and he wasn’t arrested.

Tim insisted that I wasn’t treated any different from anyone else.

By the way they moved quickly? I knew that I got a certain Dan Bussieres who’s really pissed at me.

I knew the Quebec security staff was taping my every word and action on a video camera so I had to remain calm.

He told me that I was breaking the trespassing act by being in the area.

I reminded the cop that I couldn’t understand that I’ve been in front of the Legislature close to 100 time since the ban and I never been arrested?

I’m not even in front of the Legislature and I’m inches from the sidewalk and you guys want to arrest me now?

Tim explain that Dan Bussieres was giving me some space to cover the protest.

You mean Dan Bussieres recognize me as a journalist?

Yeah right!!!!

I told the cops that the ban had to do with a murder?

The Quebec Security Staff are associating me with a murder? Can you guys investigate this one???

They just ignored my request and insisted that I leave the area.

Tim wasn’t interested in my story so he went for his cell phone and asked for re-enforcement.


My name was mentioned and the waiting game began.

Did Tim called the Police? Was he bluffing? Who truly knows?

Quick tempered Bernard Theriault came around and he was in the mood for a debate and debate we did while the cops were watching very closely.


I like Bernard. He’s very straight forward with his views and debate we did.

It was heated and once he left the area. Tim asked me - Who’s that guy???

I told the cop that he was the chief assistant to Premier Shawn Graham.


So it must have been close to 20 minutes that Tim phoned the cops to have me arrested.

Which should be interesting because the issue of the murder would once again be in the public eye and would cause a huge anguish to the Families.

Someone from the Liberal Party wish to cause great harm to the victim family.

Why bring this issue to the public eye? It just doesn’t make any sense!!! How can a Political party be so cruel???

This is what Kelly Lamrock told me and we know that a lawyer turn politician don’t lie eh?


Then again? The way our system is run. I could end up like Bonnie O’Dea???


I told the cops that it looks there may be lots of accidents in the City because of the heavy snow so I’m leaving.

I left the area but I did stand my ground. I believe the bureaucrats and the Liberal Party want me in court.


Now? This could be very interesting because I’m not a violent individual but the Liberal Mla’s sent three bouncers after me at our < Yes OUR!!!! I’m a member of good standing of the Party >

bouncers 2

If the Liberal Party tells me that this is their new policy that members of standing of the Party who speaks out < Especially the less fortunate ones > will be beat up or killed?

Well, I do have a problem with that new Liberal Policy and will fight this Fascist system head on!!!!

I will put a complaint to the Police and lets see what’s going to happen?

It’s a darn shame that the Fredericton Police Force wish to be part of the Fascist Quebec Security team at the New Brunswick Legislature.

I don’t wish to condemn any Police Force but once they come to your face like the Saint John Police Force or the R.C.M.P. at the Willie O’ree event?

Is it possible that the Fredericton Police Force will return to their old ways of arresting people????



Well? I’m going to fight back and fighting I will do!!!

All they have to do is allowed me back in the New Brunswick Legislature and everything will be forgotten!!!!

I clearly understand this is only wishful thinking from my part???

Stay tuned!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well You have the Legislature Security/Police the Fredericton Police and The RCMP on Your tail also,Watch out as Friends Protect Friends and Your not One of The Gang!
THEY Will have You in Slippers and a housecoat, Eating Ice Cream With A Bib gaining 100 pounds soon enough if given a chance!

Police Kill,Injure People direct and indirect everyday and Walk away 99.99.995% of the time without more than paid leave,dont think for a second Your safe from dirty tricks.

Anonymous said...

I'd purchase a flak jacket soon, today at that matter, its really dangerous out there...

Anonymous said...

We are very lucky,that the police don't have the final say,but does the JUDGE.
So far the judge has been scathing for the police lack of respect for the law,Law DECIDED BY THE JUDGES.
Charles,who has access to a very good and honest lawyer,will never be bothered by the police.Because,everyone in NB knows Charles is a respectable law abiding citizen,as proclaimed by the courts.He also is a member of the media,which warrants special protection.
If his rights are thwarted it could cost New Brunswick a lot of money.

There's a race of men that don't fit in,
A race that can't stay still;
So they break the hearts of kith and kin,
And they roam the world at will.
They range the field and they rove the flood,
And they climb the mountain's crest;
Theirs is the curse of the gypsy blood,
And they don't know how to rest.

If they just went straight they might go far;
They are strong and brave and true;
But they're always tired of the things that are,
And they want the strange and new.
They say: "Could I find my proper groove,
What a deep mark I would make!"
So they chop and change, and each fresh move
Is only a fresh mistake.
Robert Service.

Anonymous said...

Oh look... paranoid kook season has come early this year!

Anonymous said...

you are such an idiot. Police serve and protect the public interest, and sorry losers like yourself and Charles.
Charles just chooses to thumb his nose at his 'bureaucrats', and tries to goad them into losing their temper. Neither of you have a sweet clue that they could care less.

Anonymous said...

I just wish these cowards would leave their real names but that would be too much to ask eh???

Anonymous said...

and your leaving your real name...

Anonymous said...

NB What a Province! A chicken in every Pot and 2 Bureaucrats for every person!! I wonder if bureaucrats have bureaucrats???

Anonymous said...

Charles could blog his way around the world,free travel,if he had a laptop with a wireless card or USB adapter.
This is a much better deal than the 33% discount natives get on VIA RAIL.
Could Irving set him up with a laptop,2000$ laptop should be enough.?