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I wrote this blog a few months ago!!!

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Some people might be angry with me after this little blog then so be it.

The T.J. Burke issue really hit a nerve with me.

I told someone Saturday morning that this was all F@ . . . Bullsh@t!!!
< Excuse my language! >

I just couldn’t believe the Irvings would scoop so low to degrade a politician?

Now, I guess the story is that T.J. Burke had a fist fight in a bar. < No big surprise! > I had my share of fights in the bar in my lifetime. It's no big deal!!!

He pleaded guilty and that was that!

It was a minor offence and he moved on.

There’s another politician that I blogged on a few occasions < Many didn’t agree that I should blog it > and it was about Carl White.


He’s a councillor for the City of Saint John and the only case worker of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission in the Southern part of the Province.

I had a very strong case against Gulf Operators < Irving Company > This very racist company had a supervisor name Brian Grant.

gulf operators

He told his employees - If I owned this Empire? There would be no Niggers or Frogs working here. Why do the States have the Niggers and Canada have the Frogs? They had first choice!!!..ha.ha.ha...

I’m not sure but I believe this is pure RACISM!!!!


This very racial atmosphere lasted for months.

After my fall in with the Racists Management?

I decided to put a complaint with Carl White.


I won’t go into the details of the whole story.

Anyway, I was supposed to have the verdict from Carl White on a Friday but he wasn’t at work so I called the guy over his house.

Guess what? He hung up on me and told me not to phone his house again.

Well? Especially him at the time being the Deputy Mayor?

A black guy who supports Racism? Sorry but something is very fishy here?

Ok . . . I began asking around about Carl White and I soon found out there were more people from the Black Population who couldn’t stand the guy.

Then one day, I was told that he was convicted in a court of law.

The story is that he stole from Stresscom < Irving company >

So? A convicted thief as a politician and to make it worst? He’s the only individual who takes cases of human rights Cases in the Southern Part of the Province.

There has never been a Human Rights Complaint accepted against the Irvings!!! I wonder why? < I’ll let you make your own judgement >

Would you be comfortable having a convict thief serving as a Civil Servant and a politician?

How come the Irvings don’t cover Carl White?

Because he’s black????? Give me a break!

Just for the record? I’m not a big fan of T.J.Burke. I had my confrontations with the Native MLA and I believe that we have both learned to debate and move on.


The bottom line of this blog?

If the Irvings wish to act like the National Enquirer?

They should treat all politcians equally!!!!

Why did the Irvings go after T.J.Burke????



The Irvings used this section to go against their enemies


The sad part is that New Brunswickers are not allow to write back!

The Irving papers are moving towards the style of the National Enquirer and this is very scary stuff!!!!!!


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