Friday, February 01, 2008


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I seem to be the only one who publicly spoke out against the closing of the only Liquor Store in the Downtown area.

Even the Mayor have been strangely silent on this issue.


Why is the most outspoken politician this province have ever witness is so quiet on this one???

Ok...never mind that one!!

There’s a guy who calls himself James in this blog.

H always leaves a comment saying that the other liquor store is only two blocks away so therefore it’s no big deal!!

A high profile individual who have been reading this blog told me on the streets that it was at least eight blocks away!

He suggested it was a bureaucrats who wish to fool the readers!!!

So? Who’s right and who’s wrong???

Well, a friend of mine and myself measured the distance today!

We even took a short cut.

Here’s the pics and the defense rest!!!!

Fredericton is the only City in New Brunswick who don’t have a liquor store in the downtown area.

As a matter of fact? I did bring up the issue to Shawn Graham a few weeks ago.


Here’s the evidence!



Schaef said...

Although I haven't done the math, I'm betting that if the gov't didn't run the liquor stores then this probably wouldn't have happened. If they were being run as private businesses then there would be an incentive for competition.

Unfortunately, if the gov't is running the show, then even if they have 2 liquor stores turning profits in town they have no reason to keep both of them. They're the only people legally allowed to sell liquor in this manner, so they can cut costs even more by moving everything to one store because people are willing to drive across town for booze.

Charles, I think it's about time we call for the NB gov't to de-regulate liquor stores.

mikel said...

I doubt the issue is simple as all that. The liquor store is still 'downtown', unless you only consider Queen and King streets to be 'downtown'.

I suspect the chief motivator, and the chief reason nobody is talking about this-is the private angle. It's no big surprise that they are moving the liquor store next to the Superstore.

That's 'probably' lobbying being done by the large grocery chains. People always go to liquor stores, and thats a plus for grocery stores. There are no grocery stores in its past location.

That's just a theory, but you'll notice that in Oromocto the liquor store is being moved from 'downtown' to right next to the highway-right next to the Sobeys. That's even though a brand new building was built just for the liquor store right next to the oromocto mall. The old one 'may' stay open but I doubt it. But grocery stores are essentially run by two families, and they have a LOT of lobbyists, here in ontario they got wine stores right INSIDE the grocery stores.

That's 'sort of' deregulation, and I suspect thats the only deregulation we'll ever see-a few large operators will be able to sell liquor (they don't have to pay the wages NB Liquor does), but the prices will always be regulated.

If you want cheap booze-one of the great things about New Brunswick is the number of 'brew your own' stores. If you aren' making your own wine or beer, you are just being a sucker.

James C. said...

Oh big deal 1.3km that's what 10-15 mins walk.

Anonymous said...

James, perhaps you want to help me carry a 24 of beer, or several bottles of wine, over the 15-minute walk!