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What I like about blogging this issue? Anyone around the world who search on google- Ecma in Fredericton.

My blog site is number one on the list!!!

The world must know what's going on with the bureacratic ECMA!!!!

Here's a comment-


Are they getting archive video of you for the next time some billy-goat Irving stooge roughs you up and locks you in jail?

Or better yet, they'll shut up the only independent voice willing to be heard through simple character assassination - some vague accusations along with a few shots of you hanging around downtown and they'll be able to raise a mob of fluoride-numbed "concerned citizens" to harass and bully you out of the cause.

Don't let your guard down Charles - these people aren't used to being challenged in an honest manner.

The negative stories coming out (1) about the ECMAs from other non-corporate media sources are very much in line with your experience.

Denying Irving-crowned New Brunswick blogger of the year is a flagrant abuse of such an event's responsibility to provide access to representative media.

Incidentally - some of the fluoride zombies who attack you keep saying this is about free music for you. As evil as this is, in our consumerist pact into debt-based oblivion - is not the issue:

The media pass presumably allows media to take photos from close to the stage and perhaps interview musicians. Although I can't understand why a true maritimer wouldn't want to peruse Charles' photos and hear his take on things. That is - unless he or she is a total dick.

It seems more of the Charles deniers are total dicks - keeping more than half the tickets away from the public is a dick move. These producers and record executives should go home and listen to the albums - rather than hogging seats a true fan would kill for.

They just don't want Charles' camera there while they monopolize the situation - entertaining themselves at the tax payers expense (assuming the city or other government initiative has a "role" in this).

To keep the people, music and internet free - Charles should be embraced as tightly as these mini-PPPs - they provide a nice rush of excitement for a week or so, but Charles keeps the city hoping almost 365 days a year (except when he's at the hospital, getting a clean bill of health or down at the jail, getting worked over and robbed of his livelihood [Atlantica photos] by authoritarian thugs).
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Dagz said...

You're a pretty poor sport Charles. You got denied a press pass, so what? Now you act like a big cry baby. Your response to the situation will probably lead other event organizers to examine their willingness to give you a pass in the future. There are a lot of rules when it comes to photographing live bands and we all know how much you like to adhere to rules. You are an utter nuisance at the events you photograph and take the focus away from the performs and put it on yourself. Cudos to the ECMA for having the foresight to deter you from ruining anyone elses expereience.

Charles LeBlanc said...

You're right!!!

The organizers are ready to take over all the events in the Capital therefore denying the less fortunate a chance to join in.

It's ok!!! I'm not a music fan anyway.

This is just a way to control the media and I'm up for the fight.

The people at the ECMA should have replied to my two emails asking for a media pass.

They never did so I blogged the issue and will continue to blog the snobs at the ECMA for years to come.

It all began at Sweetwaters and the battle continues....

Stay tuned!!!!


Anonymous said...

You just said you're not a music fan? How come you were all over the place at the Harvest jazz and blues festival last year, then?
I'd really like to see the coverage you would do on your blog if the ECMA's actually gave you a pass?

Anonymous said...

... and some think that the province should cut your welfare cheque.
The ECMA's didn't give you a media pass for one simple reason. YOU ARE NOT MEDIA. If you were a media, you would at least try to be fair in your stories and present both sides.


Anonymous said...

A Blogger Who’s a Court-Approved Journalist By IAN AUSTEN
Published: November 27, 2006
Many bloggers describe themselves as journalists. Last week Charles LeBlanc, a rooming house resident who lives on social assistance in Fredericton, New Brunswick, received a court decision establishing his journalistic credentials.

The confirmation came last Friday when a judge dismissed charges against Mr. LeBlanc of obstructing a police officer.

For the last two years, Mr. LeBlanc has been expressing his views on poverty and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder through a blog ( The idea, he said, came from benefactors who also provided him a small digital camera and a computer.

He declined to name the people, however, partly because at least one of them is employed by his favorite target: the many companies in New Brunswick controlled by the Irving family, which owns, according to a report on media ownership released by Canada’s Senate earlier this year, all the English-language daily newspapers in New Brunswick.

In June, Mr. LeBlanc went to Saint John, New Brunswick, to report on a protest against a meeting of chamber of commerce and board of trade members from Atlantic Canada and New England. Protestors stormed the meeting. Mr. LeBlanc was among those arrested.

Officers from the Saint John police testified they are regular readers of Mr. LeBlanc’s blog as part of their effort to gather intelligence on protests. William J. McCarroll, the provincial court judge who heard Mr. LeBlanc’s case, wrote in his decision that “Mr. LeBlanc is a ‘blogger.’ I’m sure that many, if not the majority of Saint Johners, are not familiar with this word.”

After reviewing videotape from a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation crew at the scene, sometimes in slow motion, the judge found that it contradicted testimony of the arresting officer, Sergeant John Parks.

“Members of the so called mainstream media were taking photographs and filming in the same area without interference from the police,” the judge wrote in a 20-page decision. “I believe it’s fair to say that the defendant was doing nothing wrong at the time he was approached by Sergeant Parks and placed under arrest. He was simply plying his trade, gathering photographs and information for his blog alongside other reporters.”

The judge also said that the police had no right to delete about 200 photos stored on Mr. LeBlanc’s camera.

Mr. LeBlanc said he had considered improving his skills by studying journalism at a local university. That is, until its journalism department accepted a donation of 1 million Canadian dollars from the Irvings. “Do you think I could study in a classroom listening to an Irving employee?” he asked. IAN AUSTEN

Anonymous said...

"Last week Charles LeBlanc, a rooming house resident who lives on social assistance in Fredericton, New Brunswick, received a court decision establishing his journalistic credentials."

Judges don't issue medical doctors credentials anymore than they issue journalists credentials. Where does this guy from ? Fantasy land !

Charles LeBlanc said...

Naaaaaahhhhh...he's just a reporter from the New York Times!!


Student Cooling His Heels In Bathurst said...

Hey, Charles!

College students from throughout New Brunswick are going to Fredericton on Wednesday to protest outside the Legislature so that they can get their classes again.

With the custodians' strike, thousands of college students in New Brunswick can't go to school because of the trash and filth that's piled up.

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, some of those college students are going to head to Legislature starting at 11 a.m. to make themselves heard!

Premier Shawn Graham and the president of CUPE Local 1251 have already been invited to meet with the students.

If you want to know more about it, just check out the students' blog, at


Did you submit the form? said...

Charles, you keep saying you sent emails, but did you actually fill out the media forms and send them off as described on the media accreditation page of their website?

It is available here:

All media had to apply by last month. Did you apply the normal route or did you expect some sort of special treatment because your a blogger?

If you read the section on freelancres in the policy, it makes no allowance for self published materials at all, but rather refers to publications of at least the size to have a senior editor.

Charles LeBlanc said...

We're dealing with evil snobby bureaucrats here!!!

I left an voice mail to get some info?

The woman never sent me an email.

I sent an email and never got nothing therefore telling me that I wasn't welcome.

These bureaucrats are going to ruin the reputation of Fredericton for friendly events.

It's a new trend and it must be face head on!!!!

I believe it's going to get much worse.

The Liberal riding of Silverwood made it very clear that they're discriminating against the poor and these are the same people in charge of the ECMA.

Very scary stuff!!!!

Charles Strikes Again said...

So you didn't fill out the form then.

How can you complain if you didn't even follow the proper procedure?

Finally, of course the event is not about the poor. Tickets are $50 for crying out loud. The event is for people who are WORKING in the music industry, and for music fans who have disposable income for purchasing recorded music and tickets.

Charles LeBlanc said...


I phoned the ECMA'S and they directed me to this Jennifer girl.

I left a message on her voice mail but got no answer.

If the Irving's would have left a message?

They would have quickly replied...


The Form Police said...

Right. Form not filled out. Got it.

Anonymous said...

What's the issue Charles? That the ECMA shows are too expensive and exclude the poor? If so, where was your opposition to the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival? Tickets for those shows are just as expensive.

Ah, but you got a media pass from the jazz fest and you praised it to no end. As long as you're taken of, you don't really care about "the poor." We know that when you refer to "the poor," you're really talking about yourself and no one else.

Anonymous said...

Well, Charles, this issue has now become nauseating. This will be my last comment and my last visit to your site, and I encourage the rest of your readers to follow suit.

You did not apply for the media pass the way every single other media person did, therefore you were not given one. Inappropriate phone messages and emails to ECMA will not get you what you want either, and are therefore ignored. You are lacking what every other accredited media person has gained through education and experience: journalistic integrity. You write your opinions, and your blog is nothing but an online diary of what you think about things. This does not constitute a journalist, nor does it constitute you getting into all of the shows for free while everyone else (any one of whom could also start their own blog on the internet) have to pay.

You are wrong Charles, and you are simply too pig-headed to admit it, because you didn't get what you want. Get over it.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Don't let that information highway door slam you in the face on your way out!!!


Question jerkface????

Where's their office????

I sent two emails but got nothing!!!

Anonymous said...

Some jerk said:

"This will be my last comment and my last visit to your site, and I encourage the rest of your readers to follow suit."

So long sucker - have fun jamming that corporate media into your Britney-Spears / fluoride-numbed brain.

If I was about to jump onto the corporate-shill bandwagon, I'd want others with me there too -

That group-think all-aboard mentality indeed is the cornerstone of corporatism, but what will the people do as the cornerstones turn into sludge as our debt-based fiat pseudo-democracy slides into tyranny?

"You did not apply for the media pass the way every single other media person did, therefore you were not given one."

We are Borg? Mot! Why don't you just go lie in your coffin now, slave?

"Inappropriate phone messages and emails to ECMA will not get you what you want either, and are therefore ignored."

This message is a recording...
This message is a recording...
This message is a recording...

" You are lacking what every other accredited media person has gained through education and experience: journalistic integrity."

Do you know who Sibel Edmonds is?
Do you know what al Qaeda is?

Why don't you know these things?

Seems to me that the lies go from top to bottom in the parasitic PPP that is western civilization.

The integrity of our media is reflected by the mindlessness with which matters such as corporatism, fiat pyramid schemes and endless war pervade our society.

To cover public events is a privilege, one which corporate media is failing to come close to earning.

They should pay us to read the propaganda they've been allowed to spout.