Friday, February 01, 2008

Slow news day???

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Anonymous said...

Are they getting archive video of you for the next time some billy-goat Irving stooge roughs you up and locks you in jail?

Or better yet, they'll shut up the only independent voice willing to be heard through simple character assassination - some vague accusations along with a few shots of you hanging around downtown and they'll be able to raise a mob of fluoride-numbed "concerned citizens" to harass and bully you out of the cause.

Don't let your guard down Charles - these people aren't used to being challenged in an honest manner.

The negative stories coming out (1) about the ECMAs from other non-corporate media sources are very much in line with your experience.

Denying Irving-crowned New Brunswick blogger of the year is a flagrant abuse of such an event's responsibility to provide access to representative media.

Incidentally - some of the fluoride zombies who attack you keep saying this is about free music for you. As evil as this is, in our consumerist pact into debt-based oblivion - is not the issue:

The media pass presumably allows media to take photos from close to the stage and perhaps interview musicians. Although I can't understand why a true maritimer wouldn't want to peruse Charles' photos and hear his take on things. That is - unless he or she is a total dick.

It seems more of the Charles deniers are total dicks - keeping more than half the tickets away from the public is a dick move. These producers and record executives should go home and listen to the albums - rather than hogging seats a true fan would kill for.

They just don't want Charles' camera there while they monopolize the situation - entertaining themselves at the tax payers expense (assuming the city or other government initiative has a "role" in this).

To keep the people, music and internet free - Charles should be embraced as tightly as these mini-PPPs - they provide a nice rush of excitement for a week or so, but Charles keeps the city hoping almost 365 days a year (except when he's at the hospital, getting a clean bill of health or down at the jail, getting worked over and robbed of his livelihood [Atlantica photos] by authoritarian thugs).

Anonymous said...

Have to fit these LYNX pictures in some where.

Dan F. said...

awesome - are those things running wild in NB?

Anonymous said...

hope so,would help me get rid of the guilt from shooting one 30 years ago.Bout the time I saw the easteren cougar.