Thursday, January 05, 2006




Anonymous said...

VLTs are a shame and Bernard Lord is a shame on NB society who refuses to tackle this problem amongst many others.

lets get back to REAL GOVERNING said...

I'm quite surprised that Premier lord can make such a statement that he is not a very good advacate for racinos,casinos,or gambeling in general.
Yet on that same note he can justify one the weakest referendums ever held in the province of New Brunswick with a 21% electoral vote and only from one specific corner of the province (His Own) to call vlt addiction in this province an act of "entertainment" (for shame)
And also refuses to recognize the Government of new Brunswick is solely in charge of the entire program and must assume a portion of responsibility for the careless deaths due to an uncontrolable addiction that at this time,has no escape anywhere within these cities or communities.
Also Along with his ministers they have no problem with collection of of the revenues produced from such an addiction.
It is indeed time Responsible Regulating takes place in this province to not only protect the public from total and personal distruction but to bring themselves to the true reality of their own uncontrolable addiction to the vlt program in this province.