Thursday, January 05, 2006




daniel said...

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Anonymous said...

Dude, don't be crazy, don't buy your computer locally. Buy Dell or Sony, they have nationwide warranties. Of course I'd always recommend 'dealing locally' and I find it hard to believe that you can't find an honest computer company. In Saint John there must be at least dozens.

Failing that though, Dell and Sony have nationwide warranties and authorized dealers. Of course if you have the cash I'd recommend an Apple, but they are pricey-but they are good and usually there authorized sellers are good.

Gateway and Tiger Direct are two other national companies that have good records. Tiger Direct sells only online and with catalogues, but has very good service on their own manufactured computers.

Definitely get a new one if you had a hard drive crash. Shop around and you should find a place that does recovery, I think there are even online ones where you can send them your hard drive. Get a new computer and one that can be easily backed up frequently. You can do this with DVD's, another hard drive, or one of any other new memory devices available.

If all you need is the computer they are relatively cheap now. I just got a new Sony and it was $800, which is good for Sony. You must at least have a Futureshop in Saint John? I'd recommend Costco as well, they usually have excellent service and its well worth the $50 membership fee.

Anonymous said...

I thought Bernie was already full of gas. He does not need anymore. He stinks up the legislature.

Liberals are looking better everyday! said...

I see another one of his advisers got smart and ran but I suppose with a name like quick you would run wouldn't you.

I believe it's save to say that under the leadership of Bernard Lord he has single handedly soldout and discraced the Conservative Party of N.B.

You can say what you want about the Liberals and their faults of a few bad apples but at least here in N.B. we don't have to guess or wonder where the distruction to the Conservative party is coming from. we get to see it unfold day after day and all of it is coming straight from the top.

But then again the others are only confirming that they would fair no better as they have proven for the last 6½ years they have no backbone worth talking about either.
they just sit back and watch their own leader run the party into the ground with absolutely no opposition what so ever to their feelings on how they represent their share of the voters issues of the day.

So at the end of the day I hope we don't hear them crying foul that it's all Mr.Lord's fault.
because we all know they had plenty of oppertunities to express their individual disappointments on many issues.

Anonymous said...

I do not know much about Harper or Klein but this pee-wee, mini-me, Bernie has no business being in Premier's office. He is incompetent and downright harmful to society. He got to go.


im sorry 5:35pm but people like you & the rest of the lord bashers on this blog are full of it.

no matter who is in power you people will bitch & complain. no lord is by far not perfect like you people are but you try his job out for a day. no i dont love the guy but im sure its not like you just wave a wand & all the VLT's are gone & everything is the way everyone wants it.