Thursday, January 05, 2006


I just received this email. I feel bad for the poor guy. That's all he does all day is write news on his computer. He used to be a reporter.


Here's his story!!!

Charles :

My computer broke down yesterday morning, I had a Major Hard Drive Crash.

I lost everything.

Would you please be kind enought to tell your readers this.

I can get another Computer if I wish, but the service down here is so bad, I'm afraid to get another one, because once you go out the door, they seem to forget You real fast :

I'm on my wife's computer, so please don't respond, as she uses this one for her university studies Only.

All the best until I figure out what I'm going to do, and can find an honest computer dealer.

Sean O`

THis isn't a joke Charlie, one minute the thing was working, then the next, I had the black screen of death.

That little news site is what kept me going, and gave me something to look forward to every day.


Anonymous said...

Dude, don't be crazy, don't buy your computer locally. Buy Dell or Sony, they have nationwide warranties. Of course I'd always recommend 'dealing locally' and I find it hard to believe that you can't find an honest computer company. In Saint John there must be at least dozens.

Failing that though, Dell and Sony have nationwide warranties and authorized dealers. Of course if you have the cash I'd recommend an Apple, but they are pricey-but they are good and usually there authorized sellers are good.

Gateway and Tiger Direct are two other national companies that have good records. Tiger Direct sells only online and with catalogues, but has very good service on their own manufactured computers.

Definitely get a new one if you had a hard drive crash. Shop around and you should find a place that does recovery, I think there are even online ones where you can send them your hard drive. Get a new computer and one that can be easily backed up frequently. You can do this with DVD's, another hard drive, or one of any other new memory devices available.

If all you need is the computer they are relatively cheap now. I just got a new Sony and it was $800, which is good for Sony. You must at least have a Futureshop in Saint John? I'd recommend Costco as well, they usually have excellent service and its well worth the $50 membership fee.

Sean o` said...

Thanks for the Input 1:04-Pm :

I have some things cooking in the Oven so to speak.

I just wanted to get the word out to the kind folk's who read the site, as to why the site hasn't been Up-Dated.

I'll be back, sooner than later Hopefully :

Thanks to all who read the site, and God Bless, and thanks Charles for getting the word out to your readers.

You're always there for the people. This is the power of Blogging.

Keep informing the people Amigo` that's what it's all about in the Long Run " to quote the Eagles "

Anonymous said...

Sean I was wondering where you wre! I was worried that something might have happened to you and am glad to find out that it was only your computer! Good luck buddy! I hope you can get a new one soon. I need my fix! LOL

Sean O` said...

Thanks for the feedback and input 5:22-Pm. Things happen eh ! I could use another Phrase { lol } but out of respect for Charles web site, I'll just use { things happen }

At the lastest, I hope to be doing the Deal Once Again Come Monday. I have reload my html program, get used to the system and so forth, and re-position it so it'll be physically more used friendly.

Again thanks to all.


Anonymous said...

We had a few problems in the past and we had Cyber Solutions on 200 King st. West,674-1870. The best they can do is let you know if it can be fix and give you a price. Give it a try; no complaints so far!

Anonymous said...

You might want to invest the $70 or so it costs to have an outside source host your site. You get good service on the good ones, lots of space, lots of features, etc., best of all- YOU CAN"T LOSE YOUR FILES. You can shop around and usually find cheap ones, or ones that just charge $7 bucks a month or something.

Anonymous said...


Try McLean Micro.

I have been with them for years.

The Mad Scientist is the best!

Anonymous said...

This Guy Looks Like A Mental Case