Thursday, January 05, 2006


Tim Smith email me this note and he wants me to share his views with the readers. This is the reason he's returning to the Capital next week!


Well I don't know about you but I for one do not like the idea that my Provincial government can get away with exploiting 30 Million Dollars a year out of my City alone each and every year and our municipal government is doing nothing to change that fact.

Our own “Mayor Norm MacFarlane” telling his Citizens strait up that
No, NOT one dime of VLT revenues comes back to the City of Saint John and that that is indeed a FACT.


Yet he himself chose to give the Irving Billionaires a 125 Million
Dollar Tax break even though over that same twenty-five year period he could prevent a loss of 30 Million Dollars a Year. That would be 750 Million Dollars in investment monies if he were to abandon the use of VLTs through a separate City Referendum instead of robbing from the “Poor” to give to the “Rich” as we all know that Saint John would overwhelmingly vote to immediately remove all VLTs from this City.

The only real support for the referendum as we all know came from
Northern New Brunswick in support of this Conservative Leader we now call our, Gee we wish we didn’t have him Premier.


I don't know where you live but I live in Saint John N.B. and every
morning on my way out and about I can see what 30 Million Dollars could certainly take care of if it were spent locally.

Might I suggest you take a walk through your area and take a good hard look at it's pockets of despair then think about what advantages you would be enjoying if the money stayed there.


Also take a second to think about this, You may not play vlts or even anybody you know, but you can bet those who do within your community are hurting you as much as themselves and your Government is trying to convince you that this only effects a small
portion of your community and on that same token we all know that every one of our Neighbors on both sides of our fences can tell a few whopping stories about someone they know and the VLT curse.

I’ve had those stories told to me from all level of society when I did my protest in defense of this issue from Politicians ((ALL THREE PARTIES)), Security Personal, Reporters, Police Officers, Business Owners, Bankruptcy Officer,(as far back as 1997), as well as everyday people like you and me.

This has a name and it's call “deceit and exploitation” of the well
being of my and your communities for governmental greed.

It is becoming a modern addiction with Governments all over North

This new addiction of your elected officials has risen in popularity at such an alarming rate that CNN in the U.S. and CTVnewsnet. Here in Canada felt the need to remind the National Public through their "year in review specials" that ran over the holidays on this very issue.

Their message being, if your Governments are addicted to this process and can no longer find a solution to the issue, How in the world are the VLT addicts going to be able to get proper help when they’re fighting their own governments who are as addicted to this as the addicts themselves, and their continually coming up with new and improved ways of reaching deeper and deeper into your communities pockets for that badly needed cash through continuous upgrades to the Machines and Operating Systems.


This will eventually effect you directly when the Government of New
Brunswick has to come good a few more years down the road and make a public statement that it truly will cost you a lot more to fix this problem that they've created.

Statistics show that for every dollar the government receives through vlt revenues it will cost between 2 to 3 dollars to repair the damage.

Picture 022

And finally it's not a matter of; there are many addictions out there.

The main issue here is vlt addiction and the erosion of your
communities are directly run programs of the Government of New Brunswick.

Without guideline or rules of law to stop them there are no boundaries to this Government addiction.

Not one single obstacle stands in their way NOT even advertising.

The only answer to this problem, As this Government has already used the excuse of a very weak referendum and then the loosely termed Entertainment clause - to defend their position on removal or reduction of the vlt machines, then Responsible Regulation of the program with very strict guidelines imposed on this Government and the future governments as well on the dignity of a refined program that is split with the communities with a part of the day when there is NO PLAY available should be immediately imposed as well as other solutions that take place in this regard.


I will be going to Fredericton on January 11th to stand in front of the Legislature and fast for one day to mark one full year since my protest and out of respect for those who have lost their lives to this disease.


As I feel they need their just voice and someone to continue to speak on their behalf of the silent suffering and the nightmares that they had surely endured until their final days until death was their only peace.


a personal madness that most could not comprehend if not afflicted or effected by this disease.

Those who were indeed productive members of society in and on many
level of our communities and are no longer among us but still deserve every ounce of respect as human beings and not be shunned as people with no direction and have done this to themselves as most had direction before this affliction became a reality within their Cities, Towns, and communities.


As well as those who are out there and still silently suffering PLEASE DO-NOT GIVE UP HOPE.

This one is a personal outreach to a couple of different people I am very close to but they cannot Secom to what they believe will be public persecution and are still struggling each and everyday with this addiction.

But my main focus is to remind the public of the broken promises that the Conservative government made one year ago to look into and do a study of a few proposals that were handed to them in the Legislature ofwhich has been quoted by many members of the house on BOTH sides of the floor as being VERY REASONABLE yet NOT one announcement or recommendation has come forth on this issue.


Nor has there been any such apology by this or Government or the
Liberals before them to any New Brunswick Family who has lost a Family member to VLT addiction--Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Grandparent, Nephew, Niece, cousin or even a close friend or neighbor, Even though it is without a doubt a GOVERNMENT RUN PROGRAM, faults and all.

If, like the Government of New Brunswick likes to claim, this is NOT as big a problem as you might think, then why would four working Ministers in a barely Majority Government remove themselves from their duties to make N.B. Political History by meeting with ONE individual on this issue for at least 45 minutes to an hour other than to quiet the storm that could have been, before it reached a roar of exposure for what it truly is, Exploitation of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a blatant disregard of life and the well being of your communities as a result of their own
addiction to this disease for profits.


It is well known that the New Brunswick Government has had 12 – 15
years to house these machines in all three Major Cities.

But have purposely chosen the current route, as this is the most
effective method of reaching most addicts just as in the seventies and eighties when it was the drug dealers who ran that very circuit, as well as putting as little as possible into any type of recovery programs.

They used the opportunity of buying time to see what the public
reaction would be over exposure to this deadly addiction issue and after a few months passed without too much public incident, the truth came out and they were exposed for lying on this issue and had NO plans or studies in place or committees to look at any such solutions on the issue of VLT despite Minister Blaney’s E-mails


Assuring myself that they were closing in on an early spring announcement through her conversations with the health and finance Ministers as well as she would make it a personal ambition to get something in place for those effected by this disease and
that I have her personal assurance that she will not quit until such actions have taken place.

They were banking on the weak truly being weak and penniless,
((No vehicle or dignity left to go public with their pain and
suffering)) and not being able to get to Fredericton to gain public support for their dire conditions due to VLT addiction and they also got a unexpected gift in that the Families who lost a member to this disease did not want to come forward because of a personal belief that shame and embarrassment to the Family as a whole may take place instead of standing up to Government for the honor of those individuals who have lost their lives to this Government run program and to keep their name alive for the persons they truly were before this disease.

Nova Scotia has come along way since my protest here in New Brunswick with many creative ideas and implementations such as

A-lowering the time to midnight for shut off time.

B- removing the stop play button as well as

C-slowing the play speed by a whopping 30 percent.

D- removing over 800 machines which by the way-

“D”would be the only infringement on the referendum here in New
Brunswick, all others above would fall under acts of Responsible Regulation.

Also I am trying to put together a poll I have posted briefly in the past on this blog to hopefully get your honest opinion on if any of the selections would serve us as a more Responsible way of regulating the VLT Machines in our Cities and Communities.

Just please have a look at the choices and if you feel one might be a better solution on proper operation of VLTs then please make a choice.

May not appear on site until 9th or 10th of January…


Timothy Smith Saint John N.B.



john S.J. said...

Very well put together Tim I hope you keep this issue alive just as the people who are currenly addicted to vlts. you are and have been a great voice on this issue I wish you well my friend.

Tim said...

----- Original Message -----
From: "Blaney, Hon. Margaret-Ann

Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 1:00 PM

I ran into Charles who told me you are determined to resume a hunger
I wish you would reconsider.
I am working with finance and health to work this out. I honestly believe we
will get there.
Please do not do this.
I know things are not going as quickly as you'd like but I know we'll get
Tim don't do this...stay with Sheana...let me get this done..
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Tim said...

To Roly MacIntyre:

Thank you for your ongoing support on this issue.It is my belief
that the Government of New Brunswick is and has always been exploiting
O.C.D.,obsessive compulsive disorder & A.D.,Addictive Personalities by
way of strategicly placing these highly addictive machines all
throughout our communities for the soul purpose of financial gain at
these peoples expense.Timothy Smith.
(There were two promises made to the public in January of this year
and I intend to keep mine)

From Roly MacIntyre:

Hi Tim, I raised them both in the Legislature last week and Minister
Volpe denied they promised you and we both know they did. I will see
you in Fredericton.... Roly

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of liars we have for government starting at the top. Bernard Lord is an incorrigible habitual liar and his ministers follow the suit. There are many broken promises and lies told to many. There should be a way to impeach Bernard Lord. He is disgracing the office of Premier.

After all these broken promises and lies only choice we have is to throw these thugs out of office. One feels mad that how immoral Lord and crowd is.

Susan-Northern N.B. said...

Tim your bravery is to be commended I can relate to you on the issue because I know you are bringing it strait from your heart as you have felt the pain as an addict yourself.
I hope our Government will listen to your plea on this issue and put in proper guidelines to operating those evil machines I have two cousins that have been battling with those things for years but all they seem to accomplish is ups and downs each and every year.

Joe - SJ said...

Best of luck Tim! I'll be sure to let my mother know about your continued efforts, I'm sure she'll be rooting for you also!

Anonymous said...

Tim, I've been there and done that on the VLT's - been addicted big time, lost everything.
As for what you're doing, well you can't have a job of your own? Do you?
Just a little constructive criticism,not to offend, but maybe you have too much free time on your hands?
Look, I KNOW it's an addiction. But people need more WILLPOWER.
That's what it's all about, WILLPOWER.
I finally mustered up the Willpower and I got over my addiction. No Ridgewood or Doctor could help me. I had to help myself.
Are you going to protest outside the Liquor Stores because alcohol is killing people too that are addicted to that?
Are you going to whip the cigarette out of Charles' mouth because cigs cause lung cancer and other diseases, that is an addiction too?
Are you going to protest outside the racetrack in Saint John?
How about 6/49 tickets and Pro-Line Tickets? Don't tell me that's NOT an addiction too?
Maybe if you want to go all the way, Tim, you'd care to protest outside the KFC restaurants, Deluxe Fries, A & W and the list goes on and on. People are lying on the flat of their backs now in Hospitals from clogged arteries caused by this garbage which should be outlawed.
I say we're too "mamby pamby" with these wimps and woosies that need to be baby'd that are always whining because the VLT's are taking all their money. Boo Hoo.
Did they grab your wallet as you walked by them? No. Did they hollar out your name to play them or else they'd beat the tar out of you? No. Do they even CARE if you play them or not? NO.
Get yourself a real job guys and quit lobbying over something you have absolutely NO control over.
I got friends tonight that could jump the bridge because they all lost on the poker game last weekend, but whose fault is that?
Come on!

Tim said...

All I can say to annon above is this person must be living in a community that's benifiting from vlt revenues and all is great! Good for them!
oh wait, there are no revenues from vlts at the local level or municiple level.
Gee I wonder if this person is going to feel the same way down the road when this or the next Government notifies him of a rather large tax hit to fix their addiction to those profits when they start paying these communities back $3 for every $1 made to correct the financial imbalance we are garanteed to endure in the very near future.
We are all paying a price for the New Brunswick Government addiction to this quick fix and god knows,
some much more than others.
All major Cities in the province of New Brunswick are loosing Millions of dollars in local revenues every year through vlts.
Let's work together to keep some of the money within our communities through responsible regulation.

Anonymous said...

Profiteers from VLTs will of course oppose getting rid of this one arm bandit and evil. Drug traffickers feel the same way. VLTs are evil and those who profit from them are evil too. There were racists who fought abolition of slavery with their lives because they were benefiting from slavery. Were those racists right? Of course not. There are those who benefit from prostitution and they will fight against banning prostitution. That kind of resistence will be there.

Bernard Lord is immoral, spineless creep who is ignoring this problem. Even one life lost in this manner is one too many and such murders must come to an end. Lord and ministers promised to do something about this evil and now they have turned their backs on the problem and did not keep their words. These immoral people must be kicked out of office. It is a shame that these poor excuse for human beings are our government.

Anonymous said...

6:56pm I totally agree with you!
I am so sick of this whinning! There are too many other things going on! Why not try and get the government to do something about the cost of drugs that people need but have to do without like diabetes and heart medication to name a dew. People choose to gamble.......that's their problem. People do not choose to have health problems and not be able to afford the medications that they desperatly need.

Anonymous said...

VLT addiction causes serious stress and stress brings on all kinds of physical illnesses. Society will pay one way or the other for this evil. There is no escape from it. Why not nip the problem in the bud and get rid of this affliction called VLTs and other form of gambling. In the long run society pays very high price both financially and socially.

Anonymous said...

well THANK YOU 8:19 p.m.!! And to all you spineless jellyfish on here damning VLT's , LOOK, I DON'T LIKE THEM MYSELF OK??!!
Nor am I that crazy about Bernard Lord. But even if he did remove all the VLT's, then the addicts would go somewhere else to play them, Halifax, for example. Or the illegal ones would surface again like the ones we used to play back in the 1980's that paid off behind the scenes. We all know about those ones. They weren't government regulated.
All I'm saying is that Tim Smith seems to be a guy with a little bit of intellect. He could be using that intellect in a lot better fields (that pay!) and use his time more efficiently, like mopping floors up after seniors or something useful.

Anonymous said...

that was a pretty weak testimonial at 7:44 p.m. there Tim.
I'm living right here in Saint John SAME AS YOU. I see this crap, sure I see it.
But there's a lot more problems in additional to VLT's around here that people don't even bat an eyelash at.
Maybe I should protest outside Burger King tomorrow, hey, my father died of a massive heart attack (clogged arteries) and he ate there all the time.
Am I getting through at all ???

Anonymous said...

I like the below saying and I thought that you would to.

"God, give me the guidance to know when to hold on, and when to let

and the grace to make the right decision with dignity. " - Robert

Anonymous said...

Tim is a leader in his own right. People always condemned those who wanted change and right the wrong such as Martin Luther King and Mahatama Ghandi.

If all VLTs are removed from NB and some still go to other provinces to play they will be few and far between. You removed the temptation here and that will be kudos for NB.

VLTs do destroy lives and society pays heavily. People dying of blocked arteries because there is a MacDonald is absurd. Arteries problem quite often is inherited. All the examples to support VLTs are so far absurd and dim-witted. Costs of VLTs are going to be much higher and is much higher than what returns government thinks it is receiving. That is shortsightedness. VLTs are evil.

Anonymous said...

Tim, I commend you for your noble efforts at exposing this de-humanizing practice of our Governments. Your atricle is very well written and informative.
I am very familiar with the VLT ISSUE.
Here in Miramichi several new establishments have opened to take advantage of the "licensed establishments only for VLT'S."
My life has been turned upside down by a member of my family who is now addicted to gambling. She has changed from a well respected lady who was a former Sunday school teacher, church elder and community outreach worker.
In two years she has gambled away her life savings, taken out a second mortgage (on a home that has been paid for more than fifteen years ago, secured credit cards from several lenders and faked a second card from my sister's University account/fund.
In two years she has wasted more than $150,00.00 and has now become one who cannot tell the truth nor admit she has a problem. As a family unit we convinced her to attend a local Gamblers Anonymous meeting. She did go and was the only person present other than the lady who was volenteering to hold the session. The following week nobody showed up, not even the session leader. She has not attempted to attend again.

My sister e-mailed our local MLA my sister e-mailed our local MLA Michael Malley three times with no respose from him or his office staff. Her e-mail to our Premier was awnsered, but, WITHOUT ANY AWNSER AS TO WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING TO RECTIFY THIS SERIOUS SITUATION in our Province.

As a taxpayer and concerned citizen I demand the removal of VLT's from our Province.

Fight on Tim, you have my undivided attention to this issue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 6:56 PM

Tim should stop complaining and get off welfare and get a job.
Us tax payers should not have to pay to support him

If Tim had a job he would not have time for that kind of foolishness.
If Tim would put the effort that he puts in looking at what the goverment is doing and planing his little protests to find a job then he would find lots of jobs

Charles LeBlanc said...

These comments must come from someone of the Premier's office. They seem to want to discredit people fighting for a cause. Look at my case with CBC? They called me a liar in front of the whole province. Well? More on this issue after Tim's protest! Keep the good work Tim!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is someone from the Premiers office who is posting the crap. Tim, Thank You for your courage and never give up even with the negative feedback that probally one person is typing. There is way too many people who have died because of these machines(committed suicide) and in my view one person dying because of an addiction to VLT's is too much. Keep the pressure up and believe me you have LOTS of support out there!

Anonymous said...

Hey might want to rethink your position on this......if they get rid of the VLT's there might not be any money left for your welfare and you may have to get a real job. Just something to think about.

Charles LeBlanc said...

You know something? I really hate those cowards who enjoys degrading a person who's not affraid to speak up on issues? Why do you cowards even bother visiting this blog? Why don't you do the readers a favour and crawl back under the Premier's rock where you belong????

Anonymous said...

So much for freedom of speech eh Charles?????