Monday, January 30, 2006


How is it showing 'diversity' if certain people are denied speaking? Most of these issues never come up if it weren't for Charles, in this it as Charles says, he IS speaking for all the voiceless children in this province who are put on drugs with absolutely no say. I was a lousy student and I would just be horrified if my teachers, parents, doctors and the government all came in and said 'we don't like how you are behaving so we are going to drug you'.

These people have no voice, and ironically if they ever committed a crime everybody would be hollering for them to be tried as adults, and wouldn't care a whit whether they were 'forced drug addicts'.

How many other voices do you hear objecting to government policy? So how can you say that Charles is just speaking for himself? Charles is free to choose between being medicated or not, those children aren't, and we know that the government and medical establishment is not paying to have children adequately tested before FORCING them to go on it. In case you didn't know, children have NO rights.

So try this sometime, say there is some organization that you are connected with which is being affected by government or society and you want to talk about it. Call up Rogers for one of their shows and see how you feel when they arbitrarily tell you that you will not be heard. I think Charles is being kind in calling them fascist because I can think of other words, but he's restricted since he tries to watch his language.

Anybody who thinks the Irving press provides a 'diversity' in their editorials, is simply so locked into the propaganda box that they can't even think outside it. This is, of course, why New Brunswick is the poorest province, with the worst economic record, bleakest economic prospects, lowest standard of living, and a good percentage of people don't even know it thanks to Rogers and Irving.

Thank goodness for the internet because at least the next generation gets access to the whole world online and doesn't buy into the Irving view of the world like the geezers.


jwmcq said...

As for Ritalin and other such drugs, the whole issue of drugging our children should be looked into through a public inquiry. Goverment bureaucrats who have been charged to run the education programs in this province are actually expecting all children to enter Kindergarten in September, and 13 year's later they are forcasting that they should in a perfect world all exit the public school system with a graduation diploma. Unfortunately this is not a perfect world and many children with special needs are being left behind because they simply are not capable of keeping up with many of their peers without extra help.

I have heard stories that teachers have sent home notes with children informing the parents of many of these children that they need to have their child medicated because they are not paying attention in class. To me this is just an effort to make all children fit into that nice neat format designed by some bureaucrats who have not stepped foot in an actual classroom since they completed their practical in order to gain their teaching credentials. If they bothered to actually spend some time in an actual school they would realize that not all kids learn in the same fashion. Some learn by listening, and some by actually doing a task. My point is that the education system is designed for all children to study exactly the same subjects without regards to personal interests or academic abilities.

To me children not paying attention in the early grades is all just part of being a child, and they should not be put on dangerous drugs like Ritalin so that the school system can function more efficiently. The education system is supposed to exist for the children, not the children for the education system. Somewhere along the way the roles got reversed.

At the high school level the education system fell off the tracks when Frnak McKenna eliminated the Vocational Programs from the public schools, and expected all students to suddenly become capable of performing in the academic program, often-times without the necessary basics, because at that point they had also put in place social promotions whether the child knew the work or not.

We need for our education system to get back to the basics where children actually learn real life situations like counting back change without the use of a calculator or a computerized cash-register which tells them how much change to return to a customer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea, change education to teach skills that are completely obsolete. While we're at it perhaps we should teach them yiddish and how to thresh grain with branches. That's preparing them for the knowledge economy.

Anonymous said...

When is the government and all people going to get what has been happening. Ritalin is not the answer. Unless we have someone in power who has these social problems or maybe it will take more then that. Our educational system should go back to basics and add more basics.