Monday, January 30, 2006




Charles LeBlanc said...

My God!!!!!!!!!!! What a good movie...still one hour to go.....can you imagine receiving a phone call on board telling you that the highjackers are on a suicide mission? They must have gone through hell and back.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic movie! Was on the edge of my seat the whole time even though I knew the outcome. Very very sad :(

Sean O` said...

I saw the advertisements for the Movie on Television, and on your site that it was coming on Charles :

I wasn't able to watch it, I've seen way too much Death in my 55 years on this Earth going on 56.

Although I didn't see or watch, the whole concept of others willing to give their lives for others still Blows Me Away :

It's the Ultimate Sacrifice.

The day will come when I will draw my last breath, as for all of us. I fear not the chosen date for myself.

If there's any truth to Old saying " The Good Die Young " Then I must be one of the biggest Scum Bag's that God ever created.

Scum Bags come in a variety pack. said...

No the biggest scum bags are the Tofts of the world. Yes they suffered and their families but they didn't have to go through this for years. There are alot a situitions that are much worse just ask the people who are tortured.