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My very first full time job in broadcasting { radio } dates back to 1969 at 93 CFBC 68 Carleton Street here in Saint John, NB as an operator and call screener, for Talk Of The Town which was hosted both by Mr. Bob Lockhart and the late Mr. John Gilbert. I also operated the show for Mr. Dave Lockhart as well, and in addition to Mr. Tom Young.

Back Then, I can state in all honesty, I was Never told not to allow Anyone from getting on the show Because Of What They wanted to talk about, if it was an open show. If there was a specific topic that any of the hosts were talking about that day, and somebody called up and said, I want to talk about the price of tea in China. I would have to follow my orders given to me by the host of the show, and Politely inform them, that this was not an open show today, So And So is only taking calls about what happened at Common Council Last Night.{ as an example only }

An open Talk Show { Whether it be Radio Or Television } is exactly what it states. Back then just like now we always had regular callers. Whether other listeners wanted to listen to them, agreed with them or disagreed or not, wasn't our problem. The callers and the listeners made the show. Sure, it was the host of the show who picked most of the topics, but on an open show anything and everything went. We had a 10 second delay back then to bleep out any swear words or anything the host thought may be libelous.

The people involved with the Anti LNG Deal, and the fair taxation operation or protest, could they not be accused of Ranting And Raving About The Same Topics, the same as some of You are accusing Charles of so-called ranting and raving ? I'm am not sticking up for, or trying to come to his defense, he is a big boy and quite capable of looking after himself. I am simply trying to draw a very simple comparison.

Some people call up Talk Of The Town and continuously talk about all the so-called great aspects of Communism ? Some people call up the local talk show and start reciting the Bible more in depth than some Preachers I've ever heard. Some people call up and state all the problems of the world are due to the French. Others call in and say all the problems of the world are due to Saint John Common Council.

Others call in and say all the problems of the world are the fault of the United States Of America { lol }

I never was Told, Don't Allow that person XYZ Isn't allowed on the show. The attached photo is where real radio all bagan in 1969.

Sean O`


jwmcq said...

Here! Here! For Rogers or any newpaper to arbitrarily decide that letter or comments unfavorable to certain families are not allowed to have their letters published, or for them to comment on an open Talk-radio show should outlawed, this is supposed to be a free country is it not?? I'm beginning to wonder.

Anonymous said...

we all lost our freedom when we first voted liberal

Anonymous said...

Here is a good one Hooton was refering what could happen if a certain company would pull out and not be on our water system. Well lets charge Irving the rate he deserves and compare it to the gouging that has been goin on with gas prices. Where is Irving going to get the amount of water they need? They use more then Fredericton does in one day.

Another good one Titus says users should be metered and pay for the amount they use. Yes we all agree that should happen then the people of Saint John could expect the Irvings to finally pay their share.

Hooton and Titus have some good points. Charge them for all the water at a higher rate. If they don't like it then they will finally see what we have been going through here in Saint John with paying for services. The Irving'S don't want to pay and cry and Billionaires should HELP THE COMMUNITY.


That is only meant for the common folks and the poor. Wealth has ruled to long.

Bottle the water and sell it to them.