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I believe this is the first time that I shouted at an Mla since I landed in the Capital during the summer of 2003.

I was across from the Departmental Building chatting with a New Brunswicker Commissionaire.

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All of a sudden, I noticed Trevor Holder walking down King Street.

Well? I phoned the talk show in Saint John -Talk of the town and let it known that I was very unhappy with this Lord Minister.
I never called him a Bigot on the air and I did say that he lied to me. This is one thing that I will not tolerate from any politicians.

Can you imagine that one? A politician who don’t lie?

I believe the only true honest Politician was the great Lou Murphy from Saint John.

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Anyway, I totally forgot about my camera because I was concentrating on the Environment Minster walking towards the Legislature.

I shouted- HEY BIGOT!!!

I quickly got Trevor’s attention. He gave me a surprise look and continue walking with his assistant.


This went on until he was away from my sight.

I didn’t feel good for shouting towards an elected official on the street of the Capital but what can I do?

I am a man of my word. I made it perfectly clear that I was going to give a piece of my mind and I did just that!

Once inside the Legislature, Trevor Holder stood in the hallway facing the media.

I walked right beside him but I knew better where to tell off a politician and where to keep my big mouth shut!

If I said something? I would be evicted from the Legislature in seconds. I know the rules and the rules I will follow.

While Trevor was answering the media questions about Belledune.

I noticed two Irving reporters sitting down on a sofa.


As the agitator that I truly am? I told the Irving reporters to question the Environment Minister about the Rock Pit in Memramcook?

I don’t think so.

As one reporter told me - People are dying from Cancer in the Belledune area. Isn’t that important Charles?

My main point of concern is the media will drop this issue like others.

They don’t have the manpower and they quickly move on to the next issue of the day?

I said - What’s wrong in asking a question about the deal in Memramcook in which the Minister over rule le Comite Beaubassin and the Citizens of Memramcook?

How much money or a job security was Trevor guaranteed by the Irvings to sign those papers???

Of course, the media cannot asks those line of questions.

A Loyalist Bigot??? You darn right he is and I will continue to let my feeling known about Trevor Holder to the public until he’s remove from office.

As a matter of fact? Bernard Lord might be on the back burner for a while. < not too long >

I wonder why is the reason Shawn Graham didn’t being this issue up in the Legislature?


This is an issue that New Brunswickers know that the citizens of Memramcook weren’t treated right!!!!!

Democracy must prevail in this case!!!!


The Future said...

Charles, why are you calling him a bigot. I don't think you know the meaning of the word you????

Webster says: "a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices"

What has a rock quarry decision have to do with Bigotry?

You are libel.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Libel??? Nope!!! The definition of a bigot is ignorance towards someone with no apparent reason.

Bigot Trevor Holder totally ignores the Acadians in Meramcook for no apparent reason beside siding with the Irving in destroying and people are going to die because of poor health from the rock pit.

One person has already died in that area.

Bigot? You darn right he is and a lying one at that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Charles, you should have told those Irving reporters that people have been dying of cancer in Belledune for the past twenty years-where have they been? All of a sudden its a story now-but for how long. Perhaps a nice lengthy article on what the new soil treatment plant in Belledune will do to local cancer rates...I wonder if they'll mention it.

As for the other item, the province only has one party-the Irving Party. The liberals know not to step on their toes. The Grahams and Irvings go way back, so don't expect much discussion of this by the liberals-just like we didn't hear anything about the forestry bailout, herbicide spraying, wood supply guarantees, or the LNG deal (except to say the province should pay for it). They know who butters their bread. They've been getting a little decent media coverage from irving papers, but they know that can quickly change.

Oh, to have an actual democracy in the province!

You're causning problems. said...

By insulting people you only prove that you are uncivilized idiot. That is not agitation that is stupidity. Trevor Holder may be wrong in his decision but he is Minister of Crown. You must not behave in an ignorant manner. You are only hurting the cause you are fighting for and further proving that you are a complete wacko. One of these days they will lock you up.

Why you publish these pictures of yourself with the Minister that you are very important man in the capital. You are just a wacko.