Thursday, June 22, 2006


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I must write a little long winded blog of the last 48 hours.

I must admit that the media did a good job reporting the issue of me being banned for life from the New Brunswick Legislature.

The Irving reporter Shannon Hagerman did a fair job reporting this story. I was watching and ready for a good Anti-Irving blog but it never happen.


I was a little concern of the CBC television interview because it made me look that I was always hyper but from the reaction on the streets and friends? I guess it was ok.

I sure cannot condemn CBC < Radio and television > because they did a fantastic job in covering my blog.

If it wasn’t for Robert Jones news report of my arrest in Saint John? I would have never had the tape as evidence.

I’m surprise that Global and ATV News never covered the banned but that’s ok.

Tanker has truly shown his true colors in going public about me being banned from the Legislature.

I always believe that Tanker was a friend of mine? I guess not!!!

I’ll get to Tanker Malley in future blogs.

Kelly Lamrock and Stuart Jamieson are two Liberals MLA’S who truly disappointed me.

It was funny because during the CBC television interview, I noticed Abel LeBlanc and Rick Brewer walking across the street.

I quickly confronted them with the media around me.


Abel leBlanc spoke loudly against me being banned from the Legislature and Rick brewer did the same.


I noticed that Kelly Lamrock walking in the parking lot so I quickly shouted at Kelly that I wanted to know why he voted to have me banned for life?


Being a lawyer, he knew what was coming and I was indeed confronting the Liberal MLA with the media behind me.


My God? A blogger leading the pack? We’re getting with the time I guess?

Kelly did say to the media that if they spoke to the MLA’S about this issue that most of them will agree with the ban!

The lawyer was direct and he wasn’t going to back down from his decision.

Even if the blogger was standing right beside him.


I was so caught up in the action that I forgot to take some pictures. So I quickly took my camera out and began clicking away.

CBC wanted to interview me walking around the Legislature.

Guess who came around the corner?

Stuart Jamieson himself. I'm certain that if he would have known that I was standing there with the media? Well, he would have took another route.

He’s one of the 8 MLA’s who voted to have me ban from the Legislature.

I confronted the MLA. I shook his hand and said- So? To you? I’m a security risk at the Legislature?


He noticed the television camera right in his face and wisely he said- I got no comment Charles and quickly moved on.

I’ll get to him later on.

I noticed out front of the Legislature the poor woman sitting on her chair.

She shouted at me to come over but I told her that I couldn’t.

She came over to tell me that she got housing and thanked me very much for my blog.


I told the media afterwards that it all has to do with my day of judgement and not else really matters does it?

This morning, I saw Roy Boudreau an Liberal MLA and shouted- You guys don’t believe in a Democratic system?


He seem confused that I looked very stern and I wasn’t smiling.

It was Rick Doucet last night and I told him the same statement.

I guess that I’ll have to sent my message to these public officials on the streets.

If they believe that they have heard the last of Charles LeBlanc because I’m banned from the Legislature.

Well...they are sadly mistaken!

Because Charles will never go away!

The only sad part is that these MLA’S don’t reply to their email so therefore if I got a concern?

I’m not allowed to tell them in the Legislature so therefore I will have to blog the story.

At the end, it could be very embarrassing to the these MLA’S!

I am so disgusted with the MLA’S in the Legislature that I refuse to paste their daily questions period in this blog.

As a matter of fact? I never watch their childish behavior in the House since I got banned.

They dare to question my behavior??? HA!!!!!

Stay tune for many future blogs on this issue!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Tue, 20 Jun 2006 17:25:17 -0500
Blogger banned from New Brunswick Legislature
by Papohaku Beach Park, Molokai, Hawaii (papohaku-beach-park--molokai--hawaii) @ Tue, 20 Jun 2006 17:25:17 -0500
A New Brunswick blogger has been banned from the provincial legislature for life. The ban was issued by legislature Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussières and was put into effect by the the legislat...

Original post: Blogger banned from New Brunswick Legislature by at Google Blog Search: new brunswick

Anonymous said...

"An indefinite period" is not the same as "for life"

Anonymous said...

Playing "GOD" is all this is about and totally wrong when this is the only voice people have. Even then they really don't care for average people just big business folks and our Billionaires trying to be Trillionaires- Something tells me with government thay are well on their way. Tax breaks, grants, forgiveable loans, subsidizes, tac concessions, loop holes you name they have it.

Would love to know since the early 70's what exactly we had to pay to help the Irvings and then we would see or paint a very different picture as to why our area is so poor and funds are limited. Overtaxed but the gouging never stops and when we speak up we are told that we don't count just losers!

Anonymous said...

Charles, if you think it hurts the MLA's to not post the minutes from question period you are crazy. The last thing they want is people knowing what really goes on.

You were doing a service to the people of NB, not the MLA's. So if you can't go onto the legislature grounds, won't post the minutes, and don't even have God's minutes anymore, then what's left? Pictures of dogs?

If you really want to cheese off MLA's, not only should you have their minutes, but as I suggested before, since they are so long you should have edited snippets (and since you would edit you can pick the most idiotic ones). The minutes are just too long so I don't think many people read them, so you could have a 'condensed' version so that people know what's going on.

Believe me, the MLA's will be perfectly happy to have you not posting what is going on. That's one of the big reasons I come here.

At least let us know where we can go to see the minutes, it's too bad its not here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Charles- its not the MLAs that got you banned, it was the employees. Trust me. My source says the members didn't care, the staffers were just fed up having you around bugging people while they were trying to work.

Anonymous said...

8:25 AM just write to

of the Leg and she will send you minutes. Any citizen can get those minutes. This session of the Leg is over anyway I think.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I got begin debating this issue with others in this blog.

I don't make a practice of debating. I just let you guys debate the issue and blog away but that's a lie what 9:20 AM said.

Kelly Lamrock told the media that most of the MLA'S in the house would agree with the ban.

Now? From me stopping the employees doing their work? That's a lie.

I'll have much more to say about this issue in the future.

The female Common clerk is truly behind this.

She told the Human Rights Commission that poor people shouldn't be allowed in the Legislature!!!!

I just couldn't believe it when I read it.

Her last name is Saulnier and you'll know more about this Marie Antoinette in the near future.

I never bother anyone.

Guess what? The staff from the Legislature are spending their working hours in other blogs trying to discredit me.

They also spent hours on my blog.

Pretty good job if you ask moi????

Be realistic said...

There is a lesson for Charlie Leblanc here somewhere. He considered Tanker Malley his friend and Tanker Malley spearheaded his ban. I am not a fan of Tanker Malley and have no use for him the way he manipulated his way to the Speaker’s chair but Leblanc shares lot of responsibility in of all this. His approach is crude and disrespectful which turns people off. He has turned too many people off now. Should he not rethink his antics? He was actually abusive the way he approached some of these people and he is abusive the way he conducts himself in general and people tell him off sooner or later. He got to overcome this insanity. CBC is the only one who is giving him some coverage and it won’t be long before he antagonizes them as well. Rogers gave him lot of coverage and we all know where he stands in relation to them.

Anonymous said...

there are other blogs?

In your corner just not all the way said...

Charlie I have to agree with the above post.

You must continue to post the minutes as this is a service to your readers NOT the mla,s.

You would be eating directly from their hands if you do not post the minutes.

As said above edit your own sections of the minutes and don't do them any favors when editing go for the stupidity that is sitting right before our eyes.

Expose their weaknesses within and show the public just who they have representing them in their, Dare I say finest hour.

Charles LeBlanc said...

You name one person who said that I was harrashing them. In the Legislature I didn't talk to no one from the staff. I saw what they told the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission so therefore I had no use for them.

Why should I lower myself to their level???

They're a bunch of bureaucrats who truly believe that the poor has no rights in the People's House!!!

Enough said!!!

Anonymous said...

So listen live.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, you are a complete MORON!! You should have been banned years ago! Good riddnes. I suppose you will simply find other civil servants to harass. Why don't you take some ridlyn yourself and get a clue!

Spinks said...

Banning someone from the legislature is a fairly serious matter and perhaps it is justifed in this case. I don't know. However, the legislature should have provided some more details regarding why they banned Charles. The harassment thing was a little vague. Without naming names, they could have said what Charles was doing when it came to harassment and made efforts to rectify it without the ban. Maybe they tried that and it didn't work. I still think it's worth Charles making an appointment and asking what he has to do when it comes to his behaviour to have the ban lifted. If it's minor stuff you can live with Charles, do it. If not, I guess you're on the sidewalk. There should be some kind of compromise and I would appeal to the legislature staff reading this blog and Charles to try and find one.

Anonymous said...

Charles you are like the Robin Hood for the poor, great work, noone else will do or say anything.

Yes Harassment said...

By your own accounts it looks that you were belligerent time and again. You were not happy the way a commissionaire asked you to sign your name. Next time he signed you in to avoid your objection and you objected that too. If a commissionaire signs you in and hands you over the pass then you should just thank him and keep going but no you have to be belligerent. For your own sake you have to overcome abrasive and confrontational behaviour. This kind of behaviour does constitute harassment. No matter how hard they try they do not seem to be able to accommodate you.
You just do not get it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Spinks, for a change I agree with you. However, the trouble is Charlie Leblanc cannot keep any agreement or stick to it. He has problems that may be he has no control over and needs professional help. He forgets quickly and then carries on with his annoying manners. How many people visit the legislature every year? I believe it is tens of thousands including reporters who ask harsh questions from politicians but within certain décor. No one has been banned. How come it is only Charlie Leblanc?

Anonymous said...

Don't let the Tank intimidate you! as long as you are following the
and telling the truth, there is no substantive reason why you should be
barred from our democratic house. You have been a victim of coarse

If I were you I would not violate the order handed down from Tanker. I
walk the perimeter of the legislature but not cross the line they said
cannot cross. If you do cross it they have grounds to arrest you and
you are silenced.

Secondly, Start a petition! Demanding that you should be allowed back
the Legislature on the basis of our collective freedom to paticipate in
democratic process and Freedom to disseminate information that is
public in
nature, not ot mention freedom of speach.

I would like to be the first to sign it if possible, but don't wait for
if you have to.


Anonymous said...

The reality is that in this case it is up to New Brunswickers to do something. Clearly the powers that be do not want him around. It is true that Charles does not say please and thank you and grovel at the feet of bureaucrats and MLA's. But why should he? New Brunswick has, quite simply, the most embarassing government in the country. Irvings and McCains walk all over the people and have all the politicians-both municipal and provincial-in their back pockets.

If you go read the minutes they sound like a bunch of school children, they pass the least amount of legislation of any province in canada. Boarding tenants didn't even have basic human rights til Charles and Tim got involved, and the Premier spent most of last year campaigning for the federal tories.

Plus, the province has the worst economic record in the country, with population decline and virtually every economic indicator in the toilet-and a government that says 'everything is wonderful'.

All this and we haven't even gotten to Tanker Malley and the recent budget stuff. And people will still sit there and say that Charles 'doesn't show respect'??

What have these Quebecers or politicians ever done that is worthy of respect? They should be hogtied, tarred and feathered, and run out of town on a rail like the good old days. They are an embarassment and they are putting a stop to the only New Brunswicker with enough balls to not let them get away with it.

Now is the time when New Brunswickers will have to stand up for Charles. If you don't, quite simply you don't deserve to have Charles around, and you deserve the foolish government you've got. They aren't going to listen to Charles, they may listen to voters. Sit by and do nothing at your own peril.

And to the poster above, on any given day Charles is often the only one around. If you think reporters have been asking 'tough questions' then you haven't experienced much real journalism.

There is a problem. said...

2:40 PM I do not disagree with you when it comes to the Lord government. It is the shoddiest government there ever can be or there ever was. We are laughing stock for the country because of Bernie Lord and his many goof ups including Tanker Malley. Bernie made a big deal that he cannot be blackmailed and when it suited him he readily went for it.

However, the behaviour of Charles Leblanc was not only disruptive for the government but also all concerned. His notice includes Opposition office. He was nuisance to the visiting public too. Because of his behaviour he is a lost cause. I will like to defend his right to access the legislature but given his attitude and behaviour he is indefensible. There has to be a drastic change in his behaviour before people will rally around him.

Anonymous said...

We don't need your rally support; Charles will do fine and I am sure before long the MLA and the Premier will have egg on their face.

All people think and believe they know it all. In life people are wronged and for some reason people seem to twist things around. Clarity will happen and Charles is doing what a good caring citizen should do to inform people of what is going on and thank you Charles.

It is impossible to change some people's minds of the good things you have done. That is fine as long as you know you are doing good all will work out in the end.

Charles when you decide what you need to do don't tell everyone some things need not be printed don't give the idiots any ideas. They can't come up with their own.

Anonymous said...

Charles' behaviour can't be any worse than opposing parties behaviour to one-another. Also, he is not a child, and being disagreeable is not an offense. Unless he used violence... no wait, he didn't. They want him out because they are your schoolyard bully that wants everybody to play by their rules. And to the guy way above, Ridlyn is not a drug; Ritalin is... good job.

Anonymous said...

Easily I acquiesce in but I about the brief should have more info then it has.