Sunday, July 30, 2006


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I wonder if the Irvings will print my letter? This is serious stuff!!!!!

To the Editor,

Once is bad enough but twice? I must write a letter of objection to your paper. On July 26,2006 you printed a headline in the court section - Protesters enter not guilty plea.

I wish to make myself absolutely clear on this issue.

I wasn’t a protester. I was covering Atlantica for my blog.

I was in the area when the protesters ran through the doors at the Trade Convention Centre.

As any good journalist. I know a good scoop when I saw one. I was with the media taking pictures for my blog.

The police officers bypassed the protesters and the media. They zeroed in on this little blogger.

The question is why?

I might add that once in jail. The Saint John Police Force deleted all my pictures.

The media of CFBC and CBC covered my day in court in a very good manner. They called me a Blogger but your paper called me a protester.

The question is why?

The Irvings owns all the major newspapers in this province therefore bloggers will be the journalism style of the future.

This court trial will determine how bloggers should be treated in New Brunswick.

It is a first in this Province. This is a very important issue.

I just wish to make myself clear to your readers that I wasn’t a protester but a blogger.

Thank you!

Charles LeBlanc


Cooker Boy said...

If your not a protester then stop wearing that "Stop Atlantica" t-shirt. Might just help you a speck.

Spinks said...

Got to agree with cooker boy, Charles. It seems you are indeed protesting Atlantica so calling you an Atlantica protestor is probably fair comment.

Charles LeBlanc said...

The t-shirt is comfortable and I like it. It was a gift from someone so I'll wear it.

Cooker Boy said...

Just a suggestion. I have no problem against free speech. You might try turning it inside out when your in court or fingering the Irvings about not being a protester.

Anonymous said...

If someone gave you a brand new t-shirt with the Nazi symbol on it, would you wear it too?

What about a brand new Irving t-shirt?

Or a brand new pro-abortion t-shirt?

Or a brand new political party t-shirt?

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong wearing the T- Shirt.

This is after all the most generous province who love to give tax breaks, grants, forgiveable loans, call what ever you want-- to the Billionaires, Millionaires and really like to put the screws to the general public who struggle each day. We have little choices we work, pay our taxes and we would just like a liitle left to actually have a life!

Oh yes there are people out there that live in a fantasy world and all is sugar and spice and please don't dare complain.

That is reserved for the " Irving Family" they can't afford water, taxes and yes the construction of the LNG in the Bay. Just give and give after all they won't be able to take it with them just leave it for the next generation.

Most people don't care about anyone except themselves and screw the rest because they are doing fine. Who cares people are working hard and don't have enough or have to borrow more just to pay the extra taxes.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what T- shirt get a life of your own, 6:51.

Anonymous said...

Why can't a person speak up or wear a t-shirt without being labelled. Many people wear their political t-shirt or have signs for their causes. Some are used to raise funds or sway the people to their way of thinking. After all we don't own the paper company and radio and TV channels. We are brain washed to what news and what spins they want to give to us on some of the news.

Great living in NB and especially in Irvingville- Saint John. Seriously something is wrong with our system if we can even call it anything but stealing from the people to give to the Billionaires and save a few crumbs for the rest. No one wants to appear "Greedy"....