Sunday, July 30, 2006


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DPS said...

It is obvious that Charles has little respect for Rogers. As a company I have little good to say about them myself. I just am not sure what this "old Germany" is suppose to mean. Although as with some of Mr. Leblanc's other descriptions (Hitler, bigot etc.)I can only assume it is meant to be derogatory. Must I assume they have some how wronged Charles in the past and this is an insult or does it actually relate to something important?

Charles LeBlanc said...

It all began last year at the begining of the shows.

Someone from the Premier's office phoned the headquarters and told Rogers that no one from the P.C. Party will be a guest on Voice of the Province if I was allowed to call.

Then came Rich Crosby who gave the orders not to accpet my calls.

Old Germany???

You betcha!!!

DPS said...

Isn't it the provincial government that you should be directing your comments too then? Couldn't just as easily as been Bushville U.S.A or Harper's Hills Ottawa? Both of those "leaders" have chosen to attempt to control the media and people might not think you sound so...well lets just say comparing so many silly things to Germany doesn't really do you much good) At best Rogers just has no backbone. Nothing new there.

Anonymous said...

You're caught up in your own web of lies. A month ago you said it was Scott Jackson who gave the order to not accept your calls. Now you're saying that Rich Crosby gave the order. I am not a Rogers employee but I certainly know some people who do. You're just making things up as you go along, just like you always do - whatever will get you more attention.

The production crews of the shows can choose what callers go on air. If the same person calls over and over again ranting about the same thing, it will turn viewers away and it also is unfair to other callers who have never gotten on the air before. You had your chance and you blew it. You don't have the right to have your ego stroked and be entertained every time you call a talk show and every time you write a letter to the editor. You do have the right to try but everyone else has the right to ignore you - it's a free country. New Brunswick media doesn't revolve around you. It's a shame you can't understand that.

Charles LeBlanc said...

It is indeed a free country and it began with Rich Crosby. < you're right > and a couple of days later it was Voice of the Province.

I have never cross the line on these talk shows and once you begin controlling who's going to call the show?

Well? That's old Germany all over again!!!!!!!!!

Charles LeBlanc said...

By the way? I had many people asking me the reason that I never phone the show?

I guess that I had a following on these shows....