Sunday, July 30, 2006


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Is his name John Park or John Parks??? This John Parks laid the charge against me at Atlantica. He told the courts that he told me to leave the area and I didn't!

This is a big lie!!!!

Is John Park or Parks married to an Irving Employee???

Why would a member of the Saint John Police Forve lie to get me convicted?

This coming from a member of the Saint John Police Force should be a concern to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Thats silly that this has any relation to Irving. As said before, it is possible that a police officer told EVERYBODY to leave the area, which means that technically he isnt lying. Then it becomes a question of why everybody that was present, including all reporters, werent arrested. However, you should find a credible witness, such as a CBC or other reporter to verify that he never told you specifically to leave the area. I would get the witness to put it in writing and sign it, just in case the court date is a long way off.

The other question is why the other protestor had his charges dropped a few weeks ago, and the protestors at this one didnt.

Either way, it is grossly unfair and New Brunswickers should be horrified (except of course for those who think that just showing up in public is enough reason to arrest people). But that it has any connection to Irving-except their idiotic reporting, is spurious.

The Irving connection is quite simple. When things involve gross violations of individual rights, such as the part time CUPE employees who are forbidden to join a union, or the boarding house tenants who had no rights whatsoever, or a blogger who is arrested while taking pictures and has his pictures deleted; then Irving Press has a tendency to normalize the situation. Either by not following the story (CUPE), by ignoring the human rights aspect (the boarding house tenants) or else by distorting the story, as in this case.

However, none of that is acting complicitly on the police or politicians-that we have evidence of anyway. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors, but speculation isnt really necessary as the story speaks for itself as it is.

mj said...

I agree,, if he told eveeryone to leave the area, then he is in violation of the law, as every citizen in the country has the right to "FREE SPEECH" and FREE NON-Violent" or Unruly gathering!! Maybe this officer missed the course of the "freedoms" of this country, as of late it appears ther Saint John and Fredericton Police Force seem uninformed about a lot of things that pertain to the ordinary citizen!! I would contact the the CBC as you mentiooed before that they have a video of the whole thing, and it seems to me that it should have sound!! If their reported didn't leave, then why should you have to leave!!!

JP said...

Hi Charles