Friday, October 13, 2006


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Around one hour ago, I was sitting down on a bench chatting with a friend.

He said- Hmmm??? There’s Bernard Lord!!!

I said to myself - Yeah right!!

I turned around and sure enough it was the former Premier of New Brunswick.

I quickly reached my hand out saying - Bonjour Bernard!

Now, will he just keep on walking by and ignore moi?

He came forward and reply- Bonjour Charles!

Sure was different seeing Bernard Lord with no one in the area.

He had a leather jacket on.

I said - Come on Bernard? I got to take a picture of this one??

He said - No Charles! You’ll use it against was laughing and I told him that I wouldn’t because he’s no longer the Premier.

I insisted for a picture and he agreed only if I let him take the picture.

Now, That was scary stuff giving the former Premier my camera.

Would he dropped it by accident??? < He would have good reason to do so!! >

Bernard took this picture and I must admit that he’s pretty good with the camera.


Afterwards, I shook his hand and told him that I didn’t have any hard feelings towards the former Premier.

I believe he understood where I was coming from because my issue is the drugging of the children and that’s the way it is.

We continued to chat about different issues and I won’t disclose our little chat because it was off the record. Off the record is off the record.

Afterwards, the guy on the bench told me that he has never seen Bernard Lord on the streets.

This was his first time.

This is what Shawn Graham has to do as Premier. He must continue walking on the streets meeting people.

The guy was surprised that there were no bodyguards around the former Premier.

I told the guy that New Brunswick isn’t the States. T

The Irvings and the Premier can walk freely on the streets.

If the day arrive that Charles LeBlanc, the premier or the Irvings are shot on the streets?

Than it’ll be all over for New Brunswick.

Lets face facts here? If I was as outspoken in the States as I was in this province? What do you think would happen?

Think about it!!!

We live in a beautiful part of the world! It’s a darn shame that the drug problem will ruin everything we have.

It was good to see Bernard in a happy mood and it looks like he’s happy!


Anonymous said...

Well,Make up your mind.

So now you think there is more freedom of speech here!!

I disagree,but I don't get the higher ups wanting to pal with me like you,so am bound to be less informed.

Anonymous said...

You know who Mr. Lord reminds me of in that picture? Dustin Hoffman's character from THE GRADUATE!

LORD: "Mr. LeBlanc, are you trying to seduce me?"

Rage Factor said...

He wouldn't stop ritalin!
How easily you shake hands with the devil.I really wonder about your credibility leblanc.You are a flip flopper.