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Well? It’s official!!! I never expected it would come down to this but it did.

Jamie Irving is totally out of control in Saint John.


The Irvings are denying the right to New Brunswickers to write letters to the Editor.

Remember this story the Irvings covered my court appearance?

NB Telegraph-Journal | News - As published on page B4 on September 28, 2006

Blogger to argue police violated his Charter rights

Khalid Malik

SAINT JOHN - A lawyer for a blogger charged with obstructing a peace officer at the Atlantica conference earlier this year will use the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to defend his client.

Harold Doherty served notice Wednesday when he appeared in Provincial Court to set a trial date on behalf of Charles Joseph LeBlanc.

"It will be a very interesting trial," Judge William McCarroll said as he set aside a full day for the proceedings to take place on Nov. 2. "I am looking forward to it."

LeBlanc, of Fredericton, and Andrew Morgan Webber of Halifax, were charged with obstructing a peace officer during a protest at the international Atlantica conference held in the Saint John Trade and Convention Centre in late June.

Webber initially pleaded not guilty, but changed his plea to guilty and apologized. He was granted an absolute discharge because it was his first offence.

Doherty supplied a brief to the court when the judge asked how he planned to use the Charter for the defence.

Doherty said he will seek a stay of proceedings under a section of the Charter because LeBlanc's rights were breached under three different sections. He said his client's rights were violated when LeBlanc was arrested arbitrarily and without justification.

His rights were also breached when a police officer retrieved LeBlanc's digital camera from the floor after his arrest and, without a search warrant or reasonable grounds, viewed the images in the camera and then deleted them, his lawyer contends.

Doherty said the "intentional deletion of images" was in fact a deletion of evidence that might have assisted LeBlanc in the presentation of his evidence for his defence.

He said the photographic images were of the events, people and places that had figured in his arrest.

The lawyer also said in the brief that LeBlanc's arrest, search of his camera and deletion of images, constituted a breach of a section of the Charter that guarantees freedom of thought, belief, opinion and experiences, including freedom of the press and other medium of communication.

In a letter to this newspaper, LeBlanc maintained that he wasn't a protester at the conference. He was covering the Atlantica conference for his blog and happened to be in the area when the protesters ran through the doors at the Trade and Convention Centre.

Bloggers are the journalism style of the future and the trial will determine how bloggers should be treated in New Brunswick, he said in the letter.

LeBlanc has been banned from entering the provincial legislature or its grounds by a committee of provincial MLAs. The committee said he was banned for showing disrespectful behaviour and harassing legislature and security staff and members of the general public.

Jamie Irving did good until the last paragraph. I wrote this letter over two weeks ago.

To the Editor,

I must send you a letter explaining a little more details of me being banned from the New Brunswick Legislature.

I was told there was a story in your paper of my court appearance in Saint John on Wednesday.
I read the story and everything was ok until I got to the banning of the Legislature.

At the very end of the Story you wrote -

LeBlanc has been banned from entering the provincial legislature or its grounds by a committee of provincial MLAs. The committee said he was banned for showing disrespectful behaviour and harassing legislature and
security staff and members of the general public.

I got one question?

What does this has to do with my court appearance in Saint John?

I just wish to make myself very clear on one issue.

The former Speaker Tanker Malley told the media that I was warned on many occasions to stop harassing the public or the staff.

I got news for you? I was never warned once!!! Not one single instance has the staff approached me asking me to stop harassing people in the People’s House.

As a matter of fact, I never chatted with the staff for over one year but that’s another story. The story is in my blog of the way the Sergeant At Arms Dan Bussieres went out of his way to have me fired from a job that I found working at the New Brunswick Legislature.

It’s a darn shame that your paper had to mention the banning because I believe it’s only one more way to dis-credit this case.

Blogging is the way of the future and this is a very important case in New Brunswick.

The Irvings should concentrate of the way the Police Department deleted all my pictures from my camera and not the banning of the Legislature.

This is Canada and not China!!!

There’s going to be a new Speaker in the House and maybe the sad issue can be settle.

Trust me, I will find out the true reasons that I was banned from the Legislature and then maybe the Irvings can do a story on injustice of New Brunswickers at the Legislature.

Please put aside Charles LeBlanc in your story and concentrate on the issue in hand,

That issue is democracy as we know it!

Charles LeBlanc

So? Jamie Irving took the unusual step in denying my letter to be printed.

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The Irvings can write a story discrediting a citizen but that individual is not allowed to fight back!!!

This is pure Germany all over again!!!

It was bad enough that the Irvings twice called me a protester in their paper but now this???

I sent a couple of private letters asking them if they would print my letter but I got no answer.

They did tell me that they got the letter but wouldn’t tell me if it would be printed?

This is a very serious issue.

If we had CFBC Talk of the Town on the air?


I would just call in and blast the paper but we don’t have a talk show and Rogers Television < Old Germany > made it very clear that only certain New Brunswickers will be allowed to call the Talk show!


So? What’s the next step? Well, maybe I can organize a little protest in front of the telegraph Journal in Saint John.


I am going to wait a couple of more days and sent a letter to the Atlantic Press Council < total waste of time >

I appeared in front of the Senate last denouncing the Irving Monoply in this Province so I’ll send them a letter.

Do I wish to cause a bad public relation nightmare with Jamie Irving?

Of course not but I will fight for freedom of speech! It's bad enough the Irvings have a Sleuth section to discredit anyone who crossed their path but now this???


A paper who discredits a citizen? They should allow them to fight back!!!

Freedom must remain alive in New brunswick!!!!



Anonymous said...

Where in the charter does it say you have the right to have your opinions published in a private newspaper?

Your are a Liar said...

Yes, clearly he is 'out of control' by denying you the right to have your little letter printed.

Hyperbole much, crackpot?

Anonymous said...

if the paper is so God Damm private then ITS GOT TO GO.....we have a right to news not bullshit

Anonymous said...

"a right to news"

I don't think this is a right...

Anonymous said...

I think I might have a few drinks tonight, yes I will, I heard liqour was on sale, yippee

Anonymous said...

Booze and puppet shows,thats friendly!

PersonPlaceorThing said...

The paper seems to be acting more like a real newspaper and less like a regional rag lately.