Friday, October 13, 2006


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Here’s a quick one and this is the reason that everyone should always carry a camera with them at all time because you never know.

This accident happen in Saint John South End this afternoon.

Tim Smith took these pictures and I’m surprise the Saint John Police Force didn’t arrest Tim and deleted all the pictures?? < I had to say that one >

Ok...the accident happen 5 minutes after the closing of the school and a Mail truck went through a stop sign and hit another vehicle.

From what Tim told me over the phone. A four stop system should be in place close to all the schools in the Province.

Thank God no one got killed!!

In closing, Tim told an Irving photographer Noel Chenier - It’s ok!! I’m here!!! You can go home now!!

This is what is good about the internet. You don’t have to wait till the morning Irving Paper and you can post as many pictures as you want!!!



Anonymous said...

good bit charlie and yes there really should be a fourway stop system in place on all corners of a school building.

There are many many more young drivers on the roads these days as well as many new features for us to want to play with in most of the vehicles today not to mention cellphones etc..

Tired of people who think they own the streets! said...

I noticed that was a right hand drive vehicle ( driver sits on the right side to drive) and depending how things went I think if you look at the speed of the vehicles you may find that is more of the problem. It is near a school and speed should be so that no matter what happend who stopped or who didnot; they should of been able to control their vehicle and maybe a small collision can happen. To have both vehicle roll over their has to be both parties at fault or one who felt that they have the right to take the law into their hands. To lose that much contol I would think the Taxi had to have been speeding or going a good ten over the speed. It that area or any of the south-end streets it is confusing; you have to stop at times when you have the right away because sorry most taxi think they have the right more times then not and they take their turn before they should. A full investigation of speed may give them the answers. Hope some one who saw the accident could help shed some light but you may never get why the force was so great when one street has one way traffic plenty of room if you are paying attention. Just takes one to have made this a less serious accident. People today have no respect for others right or wrong. All of us have had the experience of being right but stopped to let them go. We all make mistakes but this one needs further look at the intent.

Anonymous said...

Thankful no children were hit; but now is the time to make it a four way stop and post the speed of 25 or whatever it should be near a school. That taxi had to have been speeding and who knows where a child would be if they got hit crossing the intersection. You can't knock a vehicle over if you go the speed stop or no stop sign.
What is a speed near a school? I'm sure the speed if posted on a city street is not the speed they were going. 25 mph I thought was the speed not whatever you feel like!

Anonymous said...

Good job Tim because this will help with the investigation.
Lots of accidents can be prevented but alot feel they have the right away a don't stop. Sad that it will take this accident to bring attention to the speed in the area near a school and a four way stop is also needed. Speed is more the problem because none of the corners are designed for a throughway because any thing can happen at these corners. People ride bikes, walk, lose their balance on holes in the road; happy no child was hit or killed.

Anonymous said...

Noticed the tire is blown off did the vehicle have bad tires. Twenty five miles or less an hour should not of caused this, time will bring out what happened.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that there are so many less young people in the area, but according to Anonymous : 5:46 PM, "many many more young drivers."

The blame game is fun, eh 5:46? Especially when you can blame a group of people with a generality instead of blaming the culprit.

Saint John drivers are very bad and uncaring! said...

The blame should not be about age or gender. You must admit that things are not always as it seems so we should wait for the professionals to decide. One thing is for sure this a school zone and also one street is one way. So if one did stop or looked and went; why if you were going the speed would you need to drive with such force to take out one vehicle and another vehicle on it's roof. One applied brakes but it appears that at such low speed posted that this should of been a fender bender. It is a miracle a child was not around because no matter if a stop or no stop you have to let them cross; they would be dead or on life support. You see alot speeding around corners, crosswalks and school areas. Hopefully this a wake up call for all of us.

Anonymous said...

School Zone is 25 and yes four stops would help! The tire marks should indicate the speed.
Are the signs posted for school zone? I go by there often and I never have seen any. Bright yellow would be noticeable like I see near other schools.

Anonymous said...

Hope this accident sheds more attention because there has been more misses but it always take an accident to make changes. Let's hope the four stops in this school zone happens before a child is injured or killed.