Sunday, October 22, 2006


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It’s cold and windy out there.

Some of use are very lucky that we have a roof over our heads.

Yes, I live in a small room but it’s warm. I got a computer with Fred E-Zone and cable on the other side.

But some of us are not that lucky and today is one of those cases.

This afternoon, I walked in the Library and noticed a guy passed up on a bench in the lobby.

Seconds later a Commissionaire and someone from the staff woke the guy up telling him that he couldn’t stay inside.


The Commissionaire name is Thomas and he told me that this was the second case this week.


If the guy would have refuse to leave? The cops would have been called and in the drunk tank we go!

Don’t the Fredericton Police Force have better things to do than worrying about the people with drinking problems in this City?


Now this is one case that I happen to be around but what about the rest of the cases in the City?

How often are the cops called because a drunk just wish to stay warm?

Do the calls go up during the cold winter months?

They have to bring them to the Station and do all that paper work.


I say built a little shelter behind the Soup Kitchen and they will stay in that area.

What do you think?

tThey are not bad people. They're still human beings!!!



Anonymous said...

How often are the cops called because a drunk just wish to stay warm?

What do you want? For drunks to be able to hang out/pass out in any store or business, whenever they want? If I owned a business, I'd certainly call the cops if some drunk came in and passed out in my store. It's not a waste of tax dollars. The waste is giving those drunks the money (usually welfare) to get drunk in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants drunks sleeping in a public place,such as a LIBRARY will never be elected mla.

Anonymous said...

The best Idea,go see N.B's bright government educational dept. and have them put in the classrooms,along with all the other mental cases,thus ensuring our students will acquire enough education to supply irving and tim hortons for years

Anonymous said...

A taxpayer funded building should be a place where people can get out of the cold for sure. That gentleman was not unruly. We know the facts, and the government is simply 'embarassed' by having them around.

As Charles says, if you build a decent spot for them to stay warm it's a pretty cheap gesture. Hey, how about getting Irving to donate back that train station it leaves desolate.

As an aside, decent homeless shelters could have been built in every city of the province with ONE YEARS worth of the tax savings that Irving is recieving for it's LNG terminal (I wonder how Mainers are spending the $1.2 million per year they get from their terminal?)

If you are of the 'let them die where they are' persuasion, ignore this thread because we don't want to hear from you. For those with actual ideas, perhaps we can get them organized and get Charles to champion them at City Hall and Legislature.


1. Where are the churches in all this? In most cities around North America churches use their basements for emergency shelters. It seems an odd way to support Christ by ignoring the poor (ignore that if the program exists, I've heard no mention of it)

2. Mennonite schools in southern ontario do exactly like the above states, which is convert classrooms into emergency shelters. The teardowns are done by those staying in the facilities, and school board officials donate time during the night. In one mennonite school it IS very educational, since students started a breakfast program for them. Several schools have expanded and now take a van with blankets and coffee at night into downtown Toronto.

3. Most of europes cities have 'hospices' specifically for the poor as places where they can go. Just take any taxpayer funded building and add volunteers, or pay security if that's more efficient. Adding more funds to the food bank so that they could convert their eating space into communal space overnight would cut down on the need and worry about breakins.

4. Alcoholics need treatment, especially treatment designed by themselves. One of the biggest drawbacks of treatment is the economy, with few jobs, there is really nothing to 'stay sober' about. As jobs are so scarce, the only thing I can suggest is the arts. The coal miners of CB started singing, but there are hundreds of options out there. Documentaries, television, animation, theatre, print, internet, and on and on. In London the homeless got a grant and started an alternative newspaper (hint hint Charles).

But all this takes work and organization. Most of those who work with the poor would love a donation or some of your time. More importantly, if you care then start lobbying your local councillor and MLA. As you've seen from this website there are plenty who don't give a rat's ass about the poor, and as history has shown us, the hard work of doing good usually falls on the minority.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if these drunks spent their money on a room instead of getting drunk then they would have a warm place to sleep.
I really don't see how people can seriously defend their actions!

Anonymous said...

You are having righteous fun mixing your drinks.
Probably there is a difference between,POOR,HOMELESS,DRUNKS,ALCOHOLICS,DRUG ABUSER"S,MENTAL CASES,you think?

And probably the mothers and fathers living and working in a slave wage province should get some credit for the tough work raising the next generation,so that they won't be moaning and whining for something for nothing.
Did you notice god sitting on your shoulder while writing that?.

Anonymous said...

In case it wasn't known, alcohol is addictive. Even many states have mandatory programs for companies to protect workers who have this 'disease'. In case people didn't know, the body requires the chemicals just like your body requires food and water. Ever try giving those up?

I have nothing but sympathy for the hollow souless people who can't even see how "people can defend their actions". If you are a christian then of course you know that God has a special place for the downtrodden, that's why Jesus hung around them and not the middle class.

The sad irony is that I've seen more generousity from those with little, even nothing, than from anyone else-and there lies the problem with society.

But for those like the above, this blog is primarily aimed at the issues the poor face, so you are not welcome here, you already have most of the world at your disposal.

Anonymous said...

I see.
Being a christian,you are used to living in a fantasy world and not having to use your brain to think,and yes you have a brain,but its just a repository for dumb ideas of someone else's,out to screw someone.
Now let me see you and god stop me on this public forum fantasy lover.

Anonymous said...

And I believe,when I got done giving (credit) to the poor sweet little poor.
I was out 30,000$ to those mournful little faces.
How about you.?

Michael G. McKay said...

I would like to make a comment if I may, first of all, I truly think that there is a definite need for those who are in our society who are addicted to Narcodics and Alcohol to have a decent place inwhich to live out of the cold and away from others who 2would cause them harm. However I don't think that it is wise to continue to serve them alcohol no matter what the reasoning. The idea is to make a way and an opportunity for them to get clean and sober from the junk dope and alcohol. not to continue killing themselves. I don't support Ms. Carlson's idea of a wet shelter because she is wanting to continue the status quoe only under controled ccercomstances.

Anyone who supports the continual slow death of our fellow man should have their heads examined seriously.