Sunday, October 22, 2006


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My apology to the Fredericton Police officer who I said that I will blog this story.

Days later, he reminded that he didn’t see the story in my blog but that’s the way it goes...if I feel like blogging? I do it and if I don’t? C’est la vie!!!!


He must have came often to this blog and check but no story.

Anyway....Over one month ago while walking downtown.

I noticed this cop giving a ticket to a skateboarder.


Everything was quiet and I was in a hurry but being Charles? I had to stop and find out what was going on?

The cop stop the kid and gave him a $70 ticket for riding his skateboard on the sidewalk.


The next thing you knew? The kid flipped out!

He said - 70 DOLLARS????? F@cking system ...F@CK....F@CK...F@CK!!!

I quickly told the kid and to watch his language.

I tried to talk to the cop why would he insist on a fine?

I guess from what I’m told? If there’s a area for the skateboarder?

They have to walk with their skateboard to the area.

If they use the skateboard on the sidewalk? They will be fine.

I noticed lately that the Police are cracking down very hard on cyclists and skateboarders. I guess they wish these people to stay home I guess?

Now they’re wondering how come these kids are getting fat? Way too much rules or laws.

Anyway...going back to the story?

Once the kid realizet there was no way out?

He really got upset and it was F@CKING THIS AND F@CKING THAT!!!

He dashed towards downtown in a rage with his skateboard.

I might add that he was really flying.

The cop looked at me and said - Now you know what we have to deal with every day!!!

The cop watched the kid zooming down the sidewalk.

He calmly made a call on his radio and suddenly a female cop came racing racing around the corner with lights and siren on stopping the Skateboarder.


I quickly took a few pictures and the cop came to me asking me for my name?

I said - You don’t know me? I’m Fredericton Police Force’s worst nightmare.

He didn’t quite understand what I meant but once I told him that I was a blogger?

He said- Ohhhh??? I have heard about you!

I reply - All bad I bet???

He told me he wanted me as a witness because I saw everything.

I guess the guy got another fine.


Days later, a female cop stop all these skateboarders and gave them all a $70.00 fine for skateboarding.


These kids were upset but what could they do?

href="" title="Photo Sharing">IMG_9135

Yes, it’s a battle!!!!


Look when I went to Memramcook a few weeks ago, This used to be the area of the only tavern in the Valley.


These days it’s a park for skateboarders.

I believe cracking down on these youths are a little too harsh but what can a person do? The law is the law I guess?



Ticket All The Punk's said...

Well Now :

Isn't that just too bad, that these kids and punks should have to walk to their skate boarding and roller skating park in Fredericton.

Here in Saint John Not All, but a lot of these boarders and skaters are nothing short of being a Pain In The Ass. They think nothing of running their boards and skates down and on railings of Buildings, eventually destroying the properties.

They skate and operate their boards in the middle of traffic, on sidewalks filled with people.

Get your friend Tim to take pictures of these Punks doing their thing here in the Port City.

scott said...

A majority of Fredericton citizens have always had a history of being rigid and conservative in nature, as they oppose those who are different [i.e. ethnicity, sexual orientation and social class] as well as those who are free spirited, like the skate boarding kids.

I think the Freddy police reflect that type of attitude, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

I wish the Saint John Police Force would take some lessons from the Gredericton Police then!
They really need to do something about the boarders around here!
98% of them are so rude and obnoxious!
They think they own every piece of pavement around and that it's there for their enjoyment only!
The Plaza in the Norht End is a night mare for anyone!
They have no consideration for anyone.
They run right out in front of the cars or deliberatly run right at you and you have to jump out of the way!
Maybe $70.00 a pop would make them think twice!

Anonymous said...

If the kid didn't know there was to be a fine, then a warning first would be appropriate. Hell, you can be speeding and cops will often let you off with a warning. This isn't one of those clear cut issues, when streets and sidewalks are completely empty then whats the problem? As far as kids being obnoxious, gee, isn't that the definition of teenagers? Better get them bastards on ritalin!

One thing I've always found strange is a kid will turn 18 and have recieved an education with mostly useless facts and not even have learned the basic laws within their own neighbourhood. Bizarre. I think Canada is unique in that "ignorance is no excuse for lawbreaking" yet thousands of laws are passed yearly and zero attempt made to let people know about them. The educational system is public, its run by the government, yet teaches nothing about its laws.

A police outreach program to schools would at least be good, but Fredericton does have a broomstick stuck so far up its ass its not funny. It's a law and order society run amuck. Perhaps those kids have a damn good reason for being obnoxious, society does nothing but make life difficult for them unless they want to turn into retards in front of a television or computer.

Make them Wear That Skateboard said...

I'm in full agreement with the first comment above "Ticket all the punks", the only thing is, these kids got no money, and the fines would just be a joke.
Yes, Charles should get Tim Smith to come in the back of the City Market on Germain Street and take some pictures. They have commandeered the benches back there, piling them one on top of the other. I've even seen them put a park bench out in the middle of the road. They are hellians, all of them. And rude, yes. They stare you down if you cross their path. The language out of them is atrocious.
It wouldn't matter whether there was a skate-boarding park or not, they would still congregate around Brunswick Square and the City Market. I think they just want an audience. They can't get that in a skate-boarding park. They take pride in getting in office workers' way, day in and day out. Not to mention the noise of those things as they pound on the payment.
Most of them are out of control.

Anonymous said...

I was walking downtown last year on the sidewalk and was nearly hit by a skateboarder going extremely fast who wasn't paying attention to where he was going or if there were other people around him. I'm all for ticketing them. If they don't have the money, make the parents pay for their delinquent kids.

Spinks said...

Unlike 7:08, I have to give kids a little more credit. They're not stupid and know the rules and what is etiquette and what isn't. There are specific places for skateboards just as there are cars. The sidewalk where people walk isn't one of those places. Downtown Fredericton obviously isn't a clear and empty place (usually). While a gentle reminder in schools about common courtesy as 7:08 suggests certainly isn't a bad idea (and done by police now), people generally have a good idea of what is acceptable behaviour. Saying the f-word repeatedly certainly isn't it. We all have to live together on this planet. A little common courtesy goes a long way to making that stay better for everyone.

Anonymous said...

ya give the kids a break, you were young once too, they can't be that intimidating.

Anonymous said...

Charles, It's high time you start looking past your nose and into the other side of the story...

Next time you see a skateboarder getting a ticket downtown think about how many people that kid comes within inches of hitting or knocking over everytime he hits the sidewalks...think of the elderly people and those with physical disabilities who CAN'T maneuver out of their way to avoid getting hit, and while your at it - you can add cyclist to that list too. Bikes are supposed to run with traffic for a reason - they are on wheels and move faster then the pedestrians for whom the sidewalks were made. I love bike riding and I take my kids for rides downtown - on the trails, not sidewalks! If we have to use a sidewalk - they walk their bikes to the next trail - and we all wear our helmets. I'm sure I'm starting to sound like I'm on a soapbox - but I am so annoyed with people not taking responsibility for their OWN actions - they have to place blame on everyone and everything but themselves - it's pathetic and it raises kids to be completely blind to the truth.

Anonymous said...

oh cry me a river!

Michael G. McKay said...

I for one am very thnkful that the police are getting tougher with this kind of thing. I am personally sick and tired of bikers, and Skateboarders goofing around on the sidewalks anerd causing distress for older seniors and women with younger children who might be run into by these individuals There is a place in this city for Skateboarders to do their thing and it should be more strictly enforced and if they don't comply, then raise the fine higher. As for the Bike Riders,They should ride on the side of the street as the law has stated. A sidewalk is just that, a sidewalk. That mean that it is a route for those who have use their feet for transportation. A Bike however, is considered a Vehicle and therefore is subject to the same rules as other vehicles. This is a safety issue and is not used as a "Get even with these individuals" kind of thing.

jake said...

no what we skateboarderne the sidewalk couse if we get hit by a car you cops will be in hot waters