Thursday, November 30, 2006

Check out NB Free Media - WCIE

To All,

Please check out

What is it? We don't know yet but with your help I am sure it will be another contribution to a Free'r media in New Brunswick and hopefully elsewhere.



Just an old retired military radio operator said...

There are more than half a dozen of theses type of online sites you are talking about creating, down here Stateside where I reside.

Most of the stories posted are by Scanner Listeners believe it or not. No names whether they be personal or buisness operations are ever used.

I do not know what its like up in Canada, but Scanner listening is really big down here. Just go to and type in Police Scanners or Scanners, or online Scanners.

These stories are usually used for Neighbothood watch community programs.

As a matter of fact,people can even upload pictures and videos they take to Radio and Television right straight on through to some media outlets via the internet.

A million and one positive things can be done, but you have to know how to get the information.

All the best of luck with your endeavour.

Just an old retired militart radio operator said...

Sorry to bother you good folk's again.

I forgot to tell you as well. There's a chap up around your way who used to be heavily into Scanner Monitoring. He also used to be a member of a Radio Club I belong to, National Scanning.

I'm pretty sure they still have a web site on the net. if my memory serves me correctly.

Last I heard as of early fall,he hasn't been feeling all that well.

He used to feed breaking local stories about the Community to Radio and Television Stations.

Most of the time in all honesty, he used to be way ahead of all the so-called main stream media sources up around your way, as far as getting Stories First. My goodness he could get stories. Some even went on to become National Carried News Stories.

One time he even got a story, about one of our Military Air Transports filled with Military Troops heading over to Europe that had to dump fuel out over the ocean off of Nova Scotia, so the aircraft could return safely back to Kennedy Airport in New York.

He was non-political, as he once told me via-E-Mail all Politics Suck's. God he had a funny way with words and all.

I never heard him Once, ever say anything mean or bad about anyone. Hell of a great chap. And he I might add was just one of the many Canadians who served in Vietnam with the 3 rd Marine Corps as a RTO [ Radio Telephone Operator ]aka Radio Operator like I was. We both met while we were both posted in the city of Da Nang.

The chap gave his web site up because he once told me via e-mail, no matter what I do Jake, the people up here Just won't read the site for whatever reason.

Too bad you couldn't get him feeding you breaking local news stuff. He was a Master at listening, and always knew what to listen for.

I know he values his privacy these days, that's the only reason why I don't tell you his name on the blogging site.

He sure loved the right, Of Freedom Of The press For All.

Sorry for the speech,and sorry if I bored you with this. Hopefully if you start a News Site, the People will support it, and not Stiff Ya's, like they did my friend.

Like we say down here, Give Me Liberty, or Give Us Death.

We down here in the land of Uncle Sam also know about the many Human Sacrifices the Canadian Military has made lately. Out thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Keep up the good work chaps, and all the best of luck with your new web site.

Mr. Jake Livingston

Anonymous said...

That's actually pretty cool, and one of the neatest new ideas I've come across. If the poster is still around some more info would be nice, perhaps explaining how it works. The website listed was just a company that scans documents, I did a search but couldn't find any New Brunswick listings. So essentially is it just people who listen to scanners and then post the information? Or do they record the scanner or somehow transmit the signal onto the internet? I had forgotten all about scanners, but never knew much about them. How would you find out that info by a scanner? I thought it just picked up emergency services frequencies?