Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dan Bussieres to Fredericton Police - I don't care what the Judge said!!! GET THAT BLOGGER!!!!

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I learned more about my ban from the New Brunswick Legislature. I'll be writing more on this issue during the next few days.

This issue is going to get really dirty. I have to remain calm and set up a meeting with the Premier.

Stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, stay calm. Youre a 'journalist' remember?:)

Michael G. McKay said...

Hey Charles: yes indeed stay calm don't blow it what ever you do, according to the judge in Saint John you are a journalist now you can speak to Premier Graham and maybe he can get you a press pass but don't get bent out of shape once you are in there or they could have grounds to ban you altogether. just keep your antimosity about the so-called Irving empire to yourself and ask the questions that the rest of them are asking and be objective, and if something is said the wrong way don't take anything personal.

I wish you the best.