Thursday, November 30, 2006

A former anchor from ATV NEWS becomes a blogger!!

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I was asked to link the guy. He's very concern of the events going in Saint John! You can check out his site by clicking below -



Anonymous said...

His no comments from the public, even registered bloggers indicate why he wants to blog instead of anchor - no accountability!!

Anonymous said...

Its always nice to have more media analysis and more voices, but it does seem odd to have a 'team members only' comments section. Why not just set up a website? Clearly there is no interest in getting feedback, although looking at many comments at Charles blog shows that often comments don't add that much.

Spinks said...

The vast amount of visitors don't comment anyway. What does Charles get, 700 visitors a day and very few actually comment BUT they're reading his musings. Still the strength of a blog, I believe, is the ability to leave a comment, as 8:33 said, for accountability if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

He has opened comments up to the public, though they area moderated. I get the reason for having moderation if you are talking about controversial topics, and this guy seems pretty serious about a lot of big issues for the area.

It would be great to have open comments on all these blogs, but people do cause problems and make free and reasonable discussion difficult by name calling and unnecessarily inflammatory rhetoric.

On another note, I would suggest 700 visits a day, rather than visitors is more fair, as I know I mist be counted far more times in a day than I would like to admit (I'm a local blog addict). The type fo counter being used seems to count multiple visits if you close your browser between visits.