Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ATV'S IN NEW BRUNSWICK - Is it fair for our kids???

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Anonymous said...

My response to Cole is "Good and tell your dad to put down the wisky bottle, turn off Nascar and put on a shirt."

Ian said...

Six years old?! The kid should be using a tricycle, not an ATV.

Seriously, I 100% agree with poster 7:35. Somebody should be calling social services.

Anonymous said...

Calling social services,another attack on the family theyll be knocking on the door if they see anything with wheels in the yard! the ATV the child is on has about 3hp and goes maybe 25mph ive seen children go this fast on a skateboard backward with no protection. that child in the picture is fully dressed wearing proper gear,what is wrong with that?
A child on a 800 pound mega horsepower 4wheeler is downright foolish this i do agree and is the same as handing them keys to the car.
Next we will have laws to lock our car keys in a locked metal cabinet and keep the gas in a seperate metal cabinet.
You just cant Legislate common sense and accidents can and do and will always happen!

Anonymous said...

Social services for riding an ATV? There are thousands of kids riding them, you can buy them at canadian tire for $500! What about the little motor scooters that they have, when are those going to be illegal. Skateboards go pretty fast too, better outlaw them, and moutain bikes and don't forget tobaggans. A crazy carpet or tobaggan going down a hill will go faster than one of those little ATV's, better outlaw them because a child could run into a tree. In fact I was there in Oromocto when a child was hurt going down on hill at a government supervised tobaggan run. Better get rid of that. And oh yeah, they could fall through the ice if its not thick enough, better play it safe and outlaw outdoor skating.

Want to know why lots of people are leaving the province? Too many laws on everything. Go to ontario, nova scotia or PEI and ride to your hearts content. And the only people left in the province are those too afraid of life because something might happen. All except childhood diseases from all the pollution, there's no point in talking about that, that's ok.

Ian said...

I was on the fence until I saw this picture but if parents are seriously fighting to let kindergarten/Grade 1 kids ride any kind of machinery, then I guess we do have to legislate common sense.

Do you think I could hire Cole to cut the grass on my lawn this summer?

How about getting him into a Nike factory, to contribute to the faltering economy?

What kinds of machinery do you folks think would be alright for him to operate?

He's SIX YEARS OLD. This is insane.

Anonymous said...

noise boxes, especially at race tracks

Anonymous said...

If these protestors are fine with their kids riding dangerous vehicles and possibly dying, I don't think it's a big loss. There's something to be said for eugenics. Someone should nominate them for a Darwin Award.

Amanda said...

This picture was strange for me . .I also have a six year old son named Cole. . . and there is no way in hell I would put him in that kind of danger.

Anonymous said...

My son was on a little snowmobile when he was 3-4 years old. He travelled at @ 7 mph. He is now 12 and owns a larger machine. He is well supervised and wears the proper gear. We also have an ATV. He does not drive it unsupervised but he can do it better than I can. I an not a bad parent. Let's get real here, is legislation going to change things - no it won't - it will just turn parents into criminals.

Let's try going after the parents who smoke around their kids, or overfeed their kids until they are obese - now there's abuse. Make your kid fat, give them diabetes and watch them get sick but god forbid they get outside and enjoy nature on an ATV.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't enjoying nature, be better on a bicylcle, atv's pollute.