Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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There’s going to be a protest in front of the New Brunswick Legislature concerning the issue of ATV’S!

As a blogger, I have to be there to take pictures. I will have my recorder on me < just in case something happens? >

I don’t know the reasons I was banned from the Legislature and I believe a trial on this issue will settle this sad non-democratic verdict once and for all.

Those four coward individuals will have to step forward and testify during a trial.

Of course, the main issue that I will not go public with will come out in the open! It’s very dirty!!!!! It comes directly from the Premier’s office.

Remember what a lawyer told a reporter last year?

Let me see if I can find the website?

Here it is. Click below-


David Peterson served as clerk of the New Brunswick legislature between 1978 and 1993, and says nobody was ever banned during his time on the job. He said MLAs resisted his attempts to tighten security at the house because they didn't want to limit access from the public.

"We had people practically push the doors off the hinges and they've never done anything like that," Peterson said.

The notice does not give LeBlanc any right of appeal, or offer any venue to argue whether the ban is appropriate.

Peterson, now a lawyer in private practice, said the threat of an assault charge is strange. "I would love to be the defence lawyer for somebody who is just passively sitting on the front steps of the legislature [and is charged with assault]. It seems a fair stretch."

I tried to make contact with the Premier’s office concerning this issue but to no avail.

So, Dan Bussieres reads this blog 10 times per day so lets see what’s going to happen?

The clown tried to get into the New Brunswick Legislature last week but the cops weren’t called?

Click below for a past blog on this issue -


Wish me luck!!!

Democracy must remind alive in New Brunswick!!!



Anonymous said...

The real problem for you I think is that paper you signed on the front steps of the legislature. You really shouldn't have signed any paper, especially one that bars you from the legislature.

If that paper says you know and understand what has happened to you then that's at least 'breach of contract'. I don't know if it would have bearing on the assault charges, I mean, what if they gave you a paper that says if you go on their property you will be charged with murder. That's even more outlandish, but if its on a form that you read over and then sign, then that's a problem.

The real question is what did you agree to when you signed that paper? What did it say?

Everybody knows this is ridiculous, good luck though.

Anonymous said...

I hope Bubba is nice to you in jail

Charles LeBlanc said...

I just wish to say that I never signed any papers.

I was told today that the ban is for life.

So? Since the Liberals refuses to address this issue?

I guess it's going to be a war of words for the next four years?

Why would Shawn Graham, Kelly Lamrock and Stuart Jamieson not revisit this issue.

I can't wait to attend the Bi-Annual meeting in Edmunston to denounce those three individuals.

Stay tuned....

By the way? I wasn't arrested!!!

Anonymous said...

When it comes to politics remember that just because we now have the liberals in power that they are really just different hands coming off of the same body! They say whatever they have to to get the chair but once there it business as usual,no real change.government is the biggest business in New Brunswick do you really expect them to make Government smaller or less intrusive?

just driving by said...

There's no way you will be charged with assault; the charge will be trespass (which requires notice, but not signed notice, to you of the ban) or causing a disturbance. No Crown witness will be required except Bussieres, who will only have to testify that you were given notice to stay away but did not. Open and shut case.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he was told that he could not go to the legislature or the charge would be 'assault'. That's the 'notice' that was given. I have a feeling that they will let CHarles dance all around the front lawn so long as he doesn't try to get into the building. It's the workers who were bothered by him, not the grass. And if he didn't sign the papers that's good, because the court would have to fall on its previous case. YOu can't prove 'trespass' on a public building or 'causing a disturbance' simply by the act of being there. This isn't private property, so the trespass means nothing, and so long as he isn't actually causing a disturbance, he can't be charged with it. So it all falls back on his 'ban', which states specifically that the charge would be assault. So its isn't nearly 'open and shut'.