Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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HI Charles:

I noticed not a single bit of coverage of the Special Olympics New Brunswick Winter Games held this past week-end in Bathurst. It was a great time, and so heart warming to see these people perform in their sport.

I might add that the Curling Team from the Capital Region(curls out of the Gage Club in Oromocto) is the team that will be representing New Brunswick at the National Special Olympic Winter Games in Quebec City February 2008.

This is the team my husband coaches!

There was no coverage, that I am aware of, in any of the major newspapers. What a shame!!

New Brunswickers must go underground and start their own newspaper. It's very scary stuff because the Irvings will hunt down the owners and buy them out and bring them in court if they print negative stories on the Irvings.

How much longer can we live in this Hogan's Heroes world???

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THAT'S RIGHT???? I FORGOT!!!!!!!!!



I apologize to the Irvings because I didn't take a Journalist course in the Irving's school.


Once again? I'm sorry!!!!


Just Another "Rogers" Dodger said...

Charlie, do you know if anyone of those (Do TV my way )Er's were there??

You know,,{hint-hint} Those folks who say they are sssooooo glad to give back to their communities because they are just so grateful to live and work in such a great environment!!! that they just have to give something back!! he,he.

Come on Charlie you know who I'm talking about, Here I'll give you another one of their slogans to help you guess....LOCAL MATTERS!..he,he,

Now the question is this,, HOW LOCAL DOES "THE NEW BRUNSWICK WINTER SPECIAL OLYMPICS" have to be before those great folks consider whether or not it warrants doing a story on it "THEIR WAY"

I'm sorry for the sarcasm but Rogers giving back to the community????????? Please!

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they put that slogan together lol.
That has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard!

If I'm going to pay close to a Hundred Bucks a month for cable I'll be damned I want to watch someone doing T V their way!!

For that price It had better be T V MY WAY!!.

You know, kinda like CBC News at supper hour 'TV MY WAY' They got it right so it can't be that hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

6:42pm: It's a shame that you don't have two sweet clues what you're talking about. First Local COVERED the Special Olympics. I watched it tonight.

Also, they DO give back to the community since hundreds of hours per week are done by volunteers. I would suggest you offer some of your spare time instead of complaining but judging by your obvious hatred of Rogers Television, that would be pointless.

If you hate the programming so much, what would you rather have aired? Have you ever bothered to provide constructive feedback via the website or toll-free number? Or do you just post rants on websites about it? Viewer Response

One last point. Rogers Cable and Rogers Television are separate. They have the same parent company but they are separate entities.

Anonymous said...

I realize that Roger's did do some coverage. I was referring to the newspapers.