Saturday, February 03, 2007


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Dear Mr. Leblanc,

I have never had the pleasure Mr. Leblanc to meet yourself or any of the other local bloggers.

My mom and Dad both knew and know Mr. Sean O'shaughnessy for a number of years noe. I think you know he is now doing video monitoring of Toronto Traffic reports via the internet as a Volunteer.

They recently told me, we haven't seen Sean so upbeat and happy in 16 years since he lost his radio profession. Toronto is where he was born and raised.

I asked him if I could take over his site, as my online profile will will and does explain in detail. Sean told me sure go and run with it ,: And He even gave me one of his computers so I could do the site : And he wouldn't allow me to pay him back for it over a period of time, and even wrote a legal note stating he had given me the computer 100% outright.

I'm trying to keep the format as close as possible to what he was doing.

I hope you'll find the content worth considering to be added to both of your sites. I'm in this for the long haul of things to be sure.

All the best of luck with all your future endeavours. And I thank you both for taking the time to read this.

Very Respectfully Sir's

My site is

For some reason or other I wasn't able to keep the same site location as Sean had.

Again many thanks.

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