Saturday, February 03, 2007

Something about Sean O'shaughnessy maybe you didn't know about???

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A couple of you goofballs always make fun of the guy. Maybe you should read this email I just receive.

Dear Mr. Leblac

I thank you Sir. Greatly appreciated and will also link to your well known site as well.

It was your site as a matter of fact that actually inspired myself to try and learn about blogging:

I think I may have told yourself in a past e-mail or so, or possibly on my site : My Dad and Sean O are friends { Brothers For Life }. They met in the worst set of circumstances in life so to speak.

They met and got to know one another in all honesty, while being held against their will, in a Prisoner Of War camp while serving years ago in South East Asia. They were caught in an NVA AMBUSH outside of the former American Air Base in Da Nang Vietnam.

Both my Dad and Sean were tortured Mr. Leblanc, to give up their Marine Corps Location. and thier Third Marine Corps troop strenght information. They never gave in and were both determined not to betray their fellow Marine Corps Borthers.

They were released a month and a half later after being freed by a special forces operation that was carried out, by a Unit known as Mac-V-Sog.

The above military unit can be found on the Internet under the serach title Mac V Sog.

Neither my Dad or Mr. O'Shaughnessy broke the faith Mr. Leblanc, or told the Enemy anything, nor betrayed their fellow Marines. Unfortunately Mr. O'shaughnessy bore the brunt of all, more so than my Dad, both Physically and Mentally, and he was only 18 years old at the time. My father was 21.

The NVA Senior Ranking Officer had a real hard on for Mr. O'shaughnessy, due to Sean telling the officer " why don't you just " Go Fuck Yourself - You Rice Head { a phrase I shall not repeat } " because I'm already dead in my opinion.

Mr. O'shaughnessy aka Sean was placed in a 14 foot hole in the ground by himself, with a Bamboo Wood Cage Locking Top Cover. And that was how and where the Mac-v-sog unit found him, with several of his finger nails missing. They were physically removed Sir by the enemy, while he was fully awake and conscious, and still kept telling the NVA Officer to go Fuck Himself.

While the enemy was busy torturing him, they were leaving my Father alone. In short, Mr. O'Shaughnessy kept my Dad alive. My dad was an NCO, while Sean was just a PFC Private First Class.

Mr. O'shaughnessy Mr. Leblanc always told me, you were and are right, whenever you post anything on you web site about the Country of China. China fed the Vietnamese with weapons and food.

Again Sir, Thanking you fo your help. Sorry to keep calling you Sir, it's just the way I raised [ as a sign of respect to all ].



Anonymous said...

A sign of respect? How about having enough respect to censor the F word?

Anonymous said...

That's not respect, sometimes language is just language, for that heavy censorship watch primetime.

This has nothing to do with the above story, but for torture people should be looking at the exposed use of torture by the US. Canada also keeps people incommunicado in Kingston without basic rights. The Vietnamese were also just defending their country from the US, however, this isn't personal, if its true the person above deserves plenty of sympathy and respect.

Benny said...

I use to view seans log on a daily day, as I use to live in Saint John for 29 years. I found nothing wroung with the fella, actually I use to think he was a prety good fella to donate his time, to keep the people of Saint John informed on what was happen around Town. But after the story about his will to protect his comrades, WOW, Id probaly have to stop just short of calling him a Hero. thats one hell of a fella(Sean), I must say